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  1. 21 hours ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

    The fact that there’s even a conversation, albeit not by everyone, that there’s even the possibility that Suzuki would supplant Danault on the 1st line by next season, says more about Danault than Suzuki in my opinion. 

    The team, in general, needs more offense. Danault is, or has been, a 1st line center and has 1 career playoff goal. That’s not good enough. Keep him on the third line all you want, but then I don’t know why we would be crying about the possibility of losing him. 

    I don’t agree that Danault is by far and a way the better player and I say that all the while being aware how good his stats can be 5 on 5, in addition to his all around game.

    There is a reason Domi would be selected above Danault in any fantasy draft, and it’s because of offense. He also does bring grit,

    can get under the opponent’s skin and is willing to drop the gloves, which means offense is not the only thing he brings to a team. 

    Most people look at the players, see where they are in the lineup (Danault 1st line C) (Domi 2 or 3rd line wing, or 4th line center) and judge them in that way. That’s fine and there’s nothing wrong with that. I see two players, one of which is playing higher in the lineup than they should be, and the other who in the playoffs was playing lower in the lineup than they should be. 

    There’s no question in my mind that Danault’s numbers have been inflated playing on the first line. Domi had 3 less points Last year in the same amount of games but was not playing on the first line. He would have had 50+ in 71 games with Tatar and Gallagher. 

    I say all this while knowing and understanding that I am in the minority. But I am not going to simply overlook Domi’s 72 point season and call it an aberration just for the sake of doing so. I am willing to let the future play itself out, and if Domi is on the team next year, I am confident he will have an oustanding year like he did 2 years ago. Danault, I can pencil in for 55 points next year, knowing there’s no way he’ll ever do more than that offensively. Domi, as long as he can put the puck in the net as well, easily has that 55-75 point potential. I am not so sure how it’s clear as day that player 1 is far superior to player 2 when looked at in that way. 

    The fact that you mention fantasy hockey is ridiculous.


    And Domi’s 70 point season is an aberration from the mean, which is based on multiple years in the league.  Perhaps he’d get more points than Danault of playing as 1C but guaranteed he’d be a defensive black hole when matched against the studs that Danault and co manage to hold at bay while winning the matchups.


    Danault is not perfect but far better suited than Domi.




  2. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:


    Danault was 5th in Selke voting.  Teams know what they are getting. 


    Yes he has more value, but its cause he's the better player. 

    Yes, I love that comment!

    who cares about trade value if you’re leaving the team worse off.

    Danault is far away the better player and a core piece of the team.

    Can’t believe there is even debate about who to move.

    Danault needs to insulate Suzuki and KK for at least two more seasons.


  3. 2 hours ago, DON said:

    Havent watched, but sounds like Canucks youngsters are doing very well.

    Great to hear.

    East Coaster who spent some years in BC and still follow the Nucks.

    youngsters are doing well but we wouldn’t even be talking about them if Demko hadn’t saved their asses, they really don’t deserve to still be alive so while the youngsters have stepped up and showed cause for optimism (like Suzuki, KK) there are some serious deficiencies that are easily overlooked by the results.

    similar with Habs minimal success, there is reason for hope but still a lot of roster Mgmt and development required before consistent success can be expected.

    Vancouver shouldn’t still be playing if not for Demko. When Price steals games it is expected as Habs invested heavily in him as their Star and his excellent play is part of the game plan.

    Demko has been a pleasant surprise, but his play is well above expectations and masking how outmatched the team is.

    rooting for them but a hot goalie is making them appear more well-rounded than they are.

    the knights are legit and scary how quickly they have established consistent performance and effort levels.


  4. 46 minutes ago, IN THE HEARTS OF MEN said:

    Thinking BIG here and not saying this is what we should do... but, maybe MB does dip into the UFA market 


    what about Tanev out of VAN to shore up the right side?

    Hall as a true LW to replace Domi?

    and then a big trade to land Laine with Domi going the other way?


    Obviously I haven't  considered the CAP implications at all in these proposals or contract limits for Winnipeg but what a line up that would be if healthy!


    Can Laine be had for Domi, Poehling (Brook or Harris) 2 x 2020 2nd RD, 2020 3rd RD, 2021 2nd RD? ( prospects & picks are negotiable) BUT KK suzuki, caufield, primeau , romanov and Norlinder are off the table


    still thats an overpayment on the Habs for the winger  I believe but...


    Consider 4 picks, a D prospect, a C prospect and a current C for there 2nd line for a high scoring winger

    we keep all our blue chip prospects and our 1st rounder in 2020 and jets get needed cap relief, a big bump to a depleted prospect pool and immediate help for Schiefele down the middle


    Considering what we got for Patches... we are paying a high price (even so Patches deal was done with Pacioretty signing simultaneously)


    Hall ufa 3 x 9.5 million

    tanev ufa 3x 6million


    line up would look something like this for a year before a restructure the next season with players like KK, gallagher, petry, tatar and danault needing deals.


    Drouin Suzuki Laine/ Dadonov/ Toffoli/ Hoffman

    Hall/ Gaudreau KK Armia 

    Tatar Danault Gallagher

    Byron Evans Lehkonan



    Chairot Weber

    Kulak Petry

    Romanov Tanev

    Mete  Fleury





     thats a helluva line up



    other options could be trading for Gaudreau instead of Laine (obvious rumours of the day currently)

    and signing Dadonov, Toffoli or Hoffman at a cheaper rate then Hall

    That’s a weak top 6 and why would we want Tanev at all, especially on bottom pairing.  Our RHD is not an issue. D isn’t really at all.

    but Drouin on top line is a waste and to bank on Suzuki or KK being able to hold down top 6 centre responsibilities and production next year is a long shot.

    that top 6 looks soft and unproductive.

    i don’t see any really upgrades there given none of those acquisitions are sure fire producers so why bother blowing up the roster for Minimal net gain.

    not to mention taking our current top line players and demoting them to third line, particularly given Danault’s comments I don’t think you can assume they still produce like one of the best 5v5 lines in hockey after that disrespect.


    You wanna pay Tanev 6 mil/yr? And then put him on third pairing?

    hall isn’t worth close to 9.5 either and he and Drouin in top 6 Wreaks of inconsistent effort and production.

  5. Wasn’t Galchenyuk at ppg pace for about 30 games as well and didn’t Domi do it for about 70 in his first season with the Habs?

    Not to knock Koivu but a small sample size makes it easy to see elite where it may not always be.

    Without looking up these stats it appears from comments above that Koivu was a ppg player for about 0.5% of his career.

    Regardless of why, that’s what history reflects.

    Cam Neely was a goal per game player In one season  before knee issues and we aren’t talking about him being a ppg level player.

    Lots of examples of short term successes.

    But the results speak for themselves.

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  6. I think previous post is correct that after this many seasons we know what Drouin is and is not.


    To expect some late blooming is unrealistic at this point, he is a veteran player now.


    Kind of funny to think management originally hoped he would fill the void at center seeing as he can’t even be relied upon on wing.


    I’ve no use for him as his “elite” passing is not much better than league average and he’s too pricey for his infrequent effort and too often lack of production.

    Hopefully some sucker team thinks there is more to be seen from him but he is exactly what we’ve seen. Talent without the drive to compete consistently shift in shift out, night in night out.


    That attitude doesn’t appear overnight and if he has not learned that yet, it’s too late for him.

    Get rid of him ASAP, no room for floaters and he is not that skilled to get by without effort.

  7. Used to travel to Columbus regularly and Have seen quite a few games live.

    Their d looks better than they are because the entire team plays d-oriented hockey and forwards are rarely on the wrong side of the puck.

    any of our top 4 would look much better playing on that team And under Torts.
    Have seen the Habs play conservative hockey for years but watching Columbus play at home was textbook defensive first hockey, happy to play 0-0 into the third and hope to win 1-0.

    Their  d are not all better puck movers and “modern NHL dmen” that are individually superior to the Habs top 4 (excluding Jones who is amazing).  

    not that they don’t have great dmen but their system and team buy-in boost them all Individually.
    play like that of Drouin, Domi, and a few other Habs forwards would mean zero ice time under torts.

    Its boring to watch if you don’t understand and/or appreciate the style of play and makes sense if you have a great goalie (CP31) but requires full team buy in, you can’t let one or a few guys slide because other players see that as well, it’s gotta be all in.

    A 15-20 goal guy who is now going to get 7-10 is going to have a harder time accepting the buy-in when the 30-40 goal guy gets a pass on shot blocking, offensive zone positioning, back checking.

    On a team like that there is no star mentality, nobody gets a pass, everybody can be benched.


    capitals have done that lead by Alex when they won.

    penguins have done it under Sid/Gino.

    just a thought.

  8. 5 minutes ago, dlbalr said:


    It wasn't a rumour.  It was a list of five players that could help the Habs offensively.  That's not a rumour.  If one of those players is talking to the Habs in the offseason, that's a rumour but a list of players with decent offensive numbers on its own isn't.

    This thread does seem the perfect spot to discuss NHL'ers slated to become UFA’s in a very general sense. As pointed out, there is no specific rumour just identified players that may or may not be a good addition to the Habs.
    it sparked a discussion in the NHL discussion thread so seems to have been a winner.


    Can’t believe you get complaints over the forum content on a fan site.

    sorry to hear that, I appreciate having the ten minutes of pleasure reading each day, thanks for the efforts to all and Go Habs Go!!!

  9. Hall is tempting.

    Dandanov is intriguing to me, has always been one of my sleeper fantasy Picks, seems to be impactful even when not on scoresheet as well.

    the rest are “meh” to me, not excited about the prospect of acquisition unless it’s under market value which isn’t happening.

    not that I know anything, but the rumours are fun to speculate on.

    I see Hall as being polarizing and either a fan fav or whipping boy.

  10. On 8/14/2020 at 12:35 PM, JoeLassister said:

    Greg the Bunny :wub:

    It had been so long I had to look up the name. Don’t meet many people Who know it.


    I’ve watched it twice many years ago and am curious if it stands up to time. Gonna have to find it online.

  11. 6 hours ago, DON said:

    There you go, might be a bit wordy though.


    I dont know, people just seem so friggin touchy these days. Whoever wrote it am pretty sure wasn't trying to disparage lil Nicky.


    I hope Poehling does get something positive out of practicing with team but being forced to watch from pressbox. 

    Thanks, nice to have some backup haha.

    I def was not trying to slam Suzuki. Was just quickly looking for  a name that has been uncommonly used that also flowed with KK (in the original sentence) so I went for alliteration with the triple K’s.

    Seems everyone knew who I was referring to so all good there, but didn’t anticipate the over analysis of it.

    Kind of funny, I wouldn’t even have thought of it as a slag. Proper names only from now on for me.


    Go Habs Go!!!


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  12. “Nope.

    The Habs are in win-now mode, it is not training camp. Poehling can show where he is in December.“


    Agreed 100% and also with comments that he would have had a chance by now if he had really impressed in practices.

    This is win time, not development camp.

    we have a lot of young players getting great playoff experience, so it’s not like we aren’t developing.

    Love Poehling, but he’s not ready and playing minimal minutes and probably underperforming due to rust, intensity of playoff hockey is not setting him up for success. It’s not in the team’s best interests, nor his.



    As far as Weiss goes, I’m happier seeing him as an extra but it’s not like he’s been given anything.  He’s earned his shot, hasn’t done much with it and the team appears to have moved on. That is how it is supposed to go, he’s not coaches darling who is getting coddled, he is known to be low maintenance, hard worker who has shown he digs deep for the Habs when it counts.  They probably hoped to milk the last of that, the well seems to have dried though.  He barely plays when he is dressed so not like coaches are favouring him.  They’ve moved on, crazy how much time and typing has gone into a fourth liner who plays less than 10 min per game, and whom we all loved years ago when he was a playoff beast.


    Poehling has been made

    Redundant with the emergence of KK and Kawasaki.   Danault plus them equal top three C.  Poehling will have more value on market than he does as a 4th liner, maybe he ends up on wing I suppose.

    Poehling would be a good piece of a package trade, probably also involving taking on a bad contract as well.  That’s a random thought off top of head without thinking through though.


    Philly ain’t no thang, we got this in 6.

    Go Habs Go!!!!



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  13. Mete is frustrating to watch as he wheels incredibly well, can be very shifty and make a nice play to buy himself time in d zone but then primarily makes a dump or bad pass that results in opposition regaining zone access with a now tired Habs crew on the ice.   He has not stood out as being anchored down by Ouellette, they are both AHL calibre.

  14. Paramount has a TV station apparently.  Found a new, original show during free preview called "Yellowstone" that is quite good (about 8 episodes in).


    Other classics worth mentioning (not new): Shameless (US version), The Boondocks, Greg the Bunny as a few that may or may not be previously mentioned.

    Currently a show in Canada on History network called "Alone" that I dig as well.

  15. Haha, I cannot believe all these shallow fans who can’t even truly support a team that is laying it on the line, playing good playoff style hockey, yet continue to visit/post on a Habs fan site.

    I pity these fools.

    It’s hilarious reading these posters who think they know how to build a winning hockey team from their lazy boys just by securing Lafreniere ( he’s gonna be good but he’s not a Gretzky or even McDavid, and even if he is: a bird (or playoff birth) in the hand is worth two in the bush).


    Aside from Taking too many penalties, this team is playing structurally solid hockey that wins playoff games when checking is tight.  I’ll take offense by committee in playoff hockey more than 1-2 key players who can be neutralized, these new line configurations are possibly the most balanced forward group in the league and our top three d are among the best in the league, and oh yeah Carey Freaking Price rises to the occasion as we’ve seen throughout his career going back to junior hockey.


    A lot easier to be a hater than a supporter, but this is a fan site and as far as I know no poster here has qualifications or experience to manage an NHL team yet they still insist that the percentage chance at a top 9 pick is worth more that even an outside shot at a cup? Pfffft, this series experience alone just made KK and Suzuki ten times more valuable and a proven asset, draft picks are speculative and I’d rather roll the dice with my known assets than be happy to watch a rebuild that posters throw around like its the be all, end all solution.

    i can only imagine the crap posts these same posters would be making over the next few seasons about how terrible the team is as we struggle through the development of a potential stud who could turn out to be Yakupov 2.0.

    Looking through Lafreniere history I see no championships except for when playing on all-star variety national teams, has he propelled a mediocre team to excellence, carried a team on his back to championship? 35 goals in final junior year doesn’t scream stud to me. Is he going to be a great player? Probably, but can he single handedly turn a franchise into a champion? I doubt it, so are we needing a few years of top picks and losing to assemble enough star power to dominate? And at what point does all that losing impact player development? 

    Nope, not for me. Ride this run because this league is a game of inches, Full of battles of attrition and I’ll take this tight knit group of plugs over some percentage chance of drafting a star any day of the week. They’re playing for each other because there is no 1 guy and if you’re gonna have that one star the goalie is best case scenario as it’s such a unique, individual position that can impact a game greater than any other position.

    crosby, Malkin, McDavid, Draisitl are all studs who are done for the season and half of them have yet to win a damn thing that matters: the cup.

    Crosby and Malkin got into the league before parity was so prominent as well and we are seeing how that has caught up to them also.

    no one pick is worth sacrificing a chance to dance.


    no fan regrets their team winning, making the playoffs (especially in these days).


    16 wins ain’t no thang.  I’ll never be happy about a loss.


    Go Habs Go.




  16. Go Habs Go!

    The icing on the cake of this play-in win is noticing the lack of comments from the negative nellies who believe a high draft pick is the only path to success. The foolish posts that Weber is on the decline, Price is past his prime and this team can’t compete even in a league of extreme parity.

    Draft pick primos don’t mean squat in a team sport when games get tight.

    McDavid hasn’t won a team achievement even though he’s a stud who lays it all on the line, Eichel is wasting away no matter how hard he tries to do it all and round out his game, and we’re seeing a pattern in TO of talent meaning nothing without buy-in (see Islanders, Columbus) and heart (see Habs). They’re playing like a bunch of Gallagher’s because of the bar set by him, Carey and Weber to do whatever it takes, be humble, carry a big stick.


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  17. Unexpected Success?
    As in cracked a weak roster perhaps.


    Have never been a fan of his, not his fault the organization handled him poorly and had such a dearth of d-men  that he was thrust into the show prematurely. But that doesn’t mean he gets a pass either.

    Too slow moving the puck, too weak in corners and net front, brutal shot.

    He only made the 10 and 40 game mark because Weber protected him at the expense of his own performance, wasting Weber’s potential in doing so.  He can make a partner look good but at the sacrifice of his own productivity.


    I know it reads harsh, but he wouldn’t be an NHLer if Mgmt hadn’t botched the core of the d.



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