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  1. Récent gazette article refers to trading the 3rd overall as a package to get immediate, professional centre. I like that idea as third overall is underwhelming imo. Dahlin and svechnikov are thé only two this year. Problem is where does this centreman come from? Not many available without trading a golden goose (price) Id unload anyone beside price, Weber and Gallagher along with the 3 rd overall for a #1 c. And I’d consider Weber for right price as well.
  2. In a galaxy far, far away Plex goes to Tampa as suggested for the one and only hope for the rebellion, sergachev. as bergy planned all along.
  3. Agreed all around. a friend pointed out return on investment for Byron this year would be sick from an investment standpoint. Could be same thing for Benn too. some teams will over pay for these guys this year in hopes of making a push and there is no reason to hold them as their return will most likely onmy diminish.
  4. Well the original commment said 3-4 years, but yes I believe he has the skills and physical strength to be a strong contributor into his thirties. But it all comes down to cost. i don’t think he cares about Bergevin but I do think he cares about family stability as he’s come out and said. And I believe him when he says he wants to be part of the solution in Mtl. the returns people on the site expect for him are ludicrous and what he would return now is unacceptable. nobody is giving a young future #1 C and more for him which is the consensus on what is acceptable from this site.
  5. Drouin isn’t a centre tho, so that is part of the problem. give max a north-south centre with speed and watch him flourish.
  6. Finally a voice of reason. imagine the bitch fest this site would be when price is celebrating his second cup with another team.
  7. I love how even a gdt turns into a ‘’trade so and so’’ pouting party on here. Also love how commentors assume we can flip just about any player for young talent, as though teams are just dying to give up young twenty somethings that they’ve begun grooming. How about the team explores the idea that Max (who apparently loves Mtl, just moved downtown with his young family) accepts another sweet deal of a contract and we hold onto the only certified goal scorer we’ve had in the past Oh maybe a decade. Hes still quite young and by moving the bloated Contracts of Plex and Shaw at le
  8. Except he punches with serious power the few times I’ve seen him go. Weise brought some physicality but Desl is another level of strength and viciousness it appears. Hes grown on me, check out the scrap with Rinaldo I believe to see a good example of how hard he throws them. Def a good reminder to opposition to keep it in line. Either way if you’re only bringing a few goals to the table you’d better bring something else. Scary that some of my fave habs players to watch this year are fourth liners.
  9. Agreed but the Bruins are much quicker now and I see Emmy getting left behind as they blow by him these days. Lucic wouldn’t be able to keep up on the current roster.
  10. When I look at the lineup, and forget the past few months of play, the forward group looks like it could be competitive with four fast lines and some skill. Could wreak havoc for opposing d. Obv this hasn’t been the case for any sustained period. Makes me consider what is causing this and why the team hasn’t solved it. Of course easy answer is lack of #1 C , but I personally think that damage can be overcome or minimized at least. To the eye test it seems there is too much perimeter play and shooting with a lack of pressure on the opposing net. Lots of ‘’one and done’’, lots of sh
  11. I love and respect your positive outlook but watching these games doesn’t Instill much confidence.
  12. If we had shipped an established problem player who went to a new team and barely produced for a very young dman who even cracked and held a roster spot at that age we would be singing bergy’s praises so on the reverse side I think any criticism is justified.
  13. Good point but right now it sure looks like the ceiling for sergachev is a lot higher than Drouins given his seniority and performance this season.
  14. Good point but fact is he is excelling and Drouin is not . If it because of how he is being handled, good on the team. Why can’t Mtl handle Drouin to flourish also? Instead we forced him into a role he wasn’t suited for and continue to lack accountability for his lack of production, if it because of how he is handled than coaching and mgmnt are to blame, if it because he isn’t as good as we were told he is then mgmnt is to blame. If he isn’t in shape or mentally prepared then he and staff are to blame. Regardless he isn’t performing and sergachev is. Results are all that matter in the NH
  15. This comment nails it! Any Norris candidate talk is premature imo but not impossible and kind of irrelevant as nobody is ever going to mention drouins name for any trophies so kind of moot point imo. Winning is all that matter and right now sergachev is on a winner who has a brighter future than he had in Mtl.
  16. Lots of good points made in the recent posts here. IMO Drouin would not be part of a top 3 threat in Tampa as he was already out of favour there and they have depth that wouldn’t force them to play him there. Stammer, Kucherov, namestikov and Point would most likely still be their go to guys simply because Drouin was a problem player and really only got opportunities when injuries arose. Some very smart hockey people there saw problems with his game, particularly as a C so I do not believe he would be shining there. to say Sergachev is being played solely to ensure the lightnin
  17. Interesting points about the stats and our biases made throughout the thread. Admittedly, I felt the devils carried the majority of the play, seemed they caused more havoc for cp31 than Habs did for Schneider and seemed to get more extended zone time, made better passes and generally weren’t embarrassing on the pp as well as having a strong pk. But I am a biased Habs fan. Felt Habs worked their way to even play as game progressed but now must consider this in a different light
  18. Plenty of blame to go around. what caught my eye particularly was in 3rd period, still 3-0 game. Not out of reach yet. 4th line shift actually breaks out of own zone, des lauriers puts a shot off the goalie and out of play. TV time out ensues followed by an offensive zone draw. Who is on the ice? Our 4th line, wtf? Could maybe see it if it was a 4th line that consistently held pressure, established cycle...Maybe then, but habs fourth line has none of that, yet there they are when we need a goal. not that the rest of team is tearing it up but why the heck
  19. Think Montoya put the pin in this topic with his play and result last night. He has proved more than capable, take away the blowout outlier last year against Columbus and his numbers are very respectable since part of mtl. he is fine, relatively cheap, happy to be the backup. It was never a problem for price previously to have little internal competition so to bring that up now is a moot point. Really trying to drag this thread along though. Backup goalies (goalies in general given the prospects) are far from the problem in Mtl.
  20. Flynn on third line...is going to get eaten alive, he gets smoked in regular season games. This series has been so physical he is surely going to be messed up by girardi at some point. seems to take a licking and keep on ticking tho. Would think Mitchell had earned that 3rd line center spot with shaw out. Not surprised n8 has regressed once Benn was put with petry. Anyone playing with Emelin seems to have to carry the weight or suffer, third pairing is scary AF now no matter who is there since Benn took a top 4 spot. N8 has looked worse each game, left no other choice. p
  21. How is King still in the lineup night after night? I've yet to be impressed one bit, he should at least pummel anyone who comes near our MVP CP31 to serve some purpose. As for Marky sitting, I see the point but isn't this why he had an extended break earlier this season? So he could make this stretch run, since we don't need the points I see value on sitting him but also see the benefit of keeping him in game shape. Tough call and probably be a no brainer if d corps wasn't already depleted.
  22. Beau played most of the start (10-20 games) of this season partnered with Weber and was given plenty of opportunity to assert himself as a top pair partner. i think we will have to accept the downside of his play, which is his mental gaffes, for the upside which is his offensive instinct which is beginning to show and his willingness to defend teammates. Someone mentioned seeing him as a fourth dman and second pp wave, which I see as well. if the young defensive prospects come up quickly then he could and should be moved as a package for skilled forward.
  23. So this has degenerated into a Subban vs Weber thread again I see. so I wade in. Subban is great, but to say he drove transition game is a crock, his constant whirly dirvish spins and rushes did little to help forward progress. His "me against the other team" mentality was exciting to watch and it was great to get the crowd excited with a big rush yet they more often resulted in a turn over and him out of position than any real offensive threat. and we won't see Weber argue with the refs while the opponents skate in for an easy goal like subby did when the ref dared be in the wa
  24. Wow, have times changed in motown...Lots of underperforming and underwhelming names, but not to be taken lightly by any means. A little surprised Big Mac is out again, he looked decent last game and at least takes every opportunity to hit and seems to have sound positioning. King deserves some press box time imo. Would rather see Martinsen get another chance at least if Mac is going to spectate yet again. Maybe I missed something and he is hurt or sent down, but if not I see no point in taking him out of lineup again. If not playing in NHL, send him down to at least make it look li
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