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  1. On 1/20/2020 at 10:35 PM, DON said:

    Primeau pick #199

    Gallagher #147

    Mete #100

    Fleury #87


    Is crapshoot and more picks is better.

    One irreplaceable player in that list.

    Picks outside of top 10 are essentially found money if they turn into key roster pieces.

    would rather watch a team battle for wildcard year after year then live in Buffalo. 
    this year/next years team is better than we give credit for on here.



  2. 2 hours ago, Trizzak said:

    The key to that is to instinctually hate everything about the Habs. Just wake up and decide, "Everyone sucks" and you too can find the motivation to be negative in every single thing you post here.

     I’ve learned to read Trizzaks post with the appropriate tone to make me chuckle.

    i believe that was the goal, well played.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Habs Fan in Edmonton said:


    I think you are absolutely right, low risk move by Bergevin to help the team. It's looking pretty good right now, Kovy has generated excitement, helped the team win a few games and if they have a bad couple weeks can be flipped for a decent draft pick (2nd - 4th round) at the deadline.  There will be teams wanting him now. 

    Agreed. The cost-benefit analysis is out of this world regardless of how the team does.


  4. On 1/20/2020 at 11:46 PM, Commandant said:


    Given the Kovalev-like love that Kovalchuk is already enjoying... you don't see re-signing Kovalchuk as having the PR subsidy that a true magician and offensive superstar has enjoyed in Montreal?


    He wasn't french canadian, but there was a certain love between L'Artiste and the Montreal Community... I'm already getting similar vibes out of Kovalchuk, the reaction of the Bell Centre every time he touches the puck has that same electricity. 

    Great point, he’s had me paying more attention which was waning.

  5. 1 hour ago, DON said:

    Sorry, dont understand what you mean?

    Was referring to post I quoted.

    in which OP stated others had overlooked a key point. This key point was really just OP’s own hypothesis that doesn’t jive with any of the facts. So to state that other posters are missing an obvious key point is garbage imo.

    OP’s theory that followed is as flawed as it is unfounded so I called garbage post on the whole thing.

    That is all, hope that clears it up.

    Go habs Go!

    this team is much better than you’d believe reading much of the forum.



  6. 13 hours ago, Peter Puck said:

    I think people are overlooking a key point here.  I think its very likely that Kovalchuk signed here after receiving assurances that we would trade him at the deadline to a contending team (if he performed).  That's why he signed a minimum contract.  If that's true we will need to trade him to keep him happy.  Maybe he would be willing to resign here but I don't see Bergevin having much latitude here,

    complete unfounded speculation being posted as though people are overlooking something is garbage post.

    overlooking a key point is different than you making shit up.

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  7. Comparing Mete to Rafalski is out of left field, is useless. Kind of like throwing Ryan Ellis into the conversation out of nowhere as well.  Ryan Ellis has a ton more grit and far better shot than Mete ever will btw.


    Mete survived on the top pairing, he did not thrive. The team obviously hasn't been successful with him in top 4.   We've now seen how much of an anchor he was to Weber who is a more dominant force now that he doesn't have to babysit Mete.  


    Currently Mete is not top 4 quality and is too small to play on a third pairing, the pairing that sees a lot of dump-ins, hard forechecking from other teams bottom 6.   He cannot clear the front of the net, has to be at his best to win basic puck battles, and doesn't drive offense.  Since paired with Petry, Mete has further been exposed as a weak link.  


    Was he rushed into a role, yes.  Do I blame him, no.  But that doesn't mean he gets a free pass. 

    He wouldn't even crack the roster on most competitive teams, the roster construction (or lack thereof) put him in a spot where he was thrust into a role far too prematurely.  This may actually stifle his development as he is being forced to adapt before he mentally, physically matures which can result in players not realizing their full potential.  These types of payers often end up sticking with tactics/tricks that work to reach the minimum acceptable level to keep their spot because the margin for error is non-existent; whereas in a developmental league any failed attempt would be taken with a grain of salt and seen as a young player finding their way.    I don't think Mete will ever become a true top 4 dman, I think whatever chance there was at that has been squandered by forcing him into a role he wasn't ready for.  I blame that on management. 

    I realized this in the summer when I'd still hoped we'd land a top pairing d.  I saw Chiarot on 2nd pairing with Petry and then you have to consider whether Mete fits on the third pairing, which I do not believe works for reasons mentioned above.  When looking at it that way, I see him as expendable on the NHL roster (ideally in Laval to develop and hopefully grow into a savvy play maker), but I would not be upset to see him go, if it's part of a package that brings back a true top 4 left d.


    Side note, I hope Primeau plays so well that Price's starts are no longer guaranteed, I believe Price needs to be challenged by an up and coming number one, and Price will rise up when that happens.   Nobody should be guaranteed ice time, starts when a team has such a terrible track record over past x amount of years.  Not just current slump, they've been consistently inconsistent for years. 

  8. Def don’t think anyone has a right to pin any of that loss on Kincaid.

    Team wouldn’t have survived first period without him playing stellar.

    He was forced to make numerous huge saves due to defensive laps, not just by defensemen and also played the puck Wisely numerous times to help with breakout. I was impressed by his puck handling, choosing right times and making crafty plays.


    He was not the issue and anyone claiming he “needs to win his share of games” either isn’t watching, doesn’t have a clue or is trolling. Any backup goalie can’t be expected to steal games when I team takes that many pénalités.

    Your starter is suppose to be able to steal games, backups keep you in games which is what he did.


    Tatar has taken too many penalties, way too useful on the ice when he is out there and team is too weak on pk to afford it.


    Tired of Mete playing top pairing, he’s an anchor on Weber. We should be taking advantage of Weber by providing him a good partner, not forcing him to carry a top pairing and then wonder why he’s not the stud we demand. 

    Hard to believe there is no better left dman available than any of our options given we haven’t had a top pairing left d since Markov.

    Everyone knows we’ve needed one, that blames falls on Mgmt. Mete is not Roman Josi 2.0 nor will he become that. He’s not offensive enough to even play pp and takes his best effort, skill and luck just to keep up with average plays, clearing the zone. He has not impressed enough to continue to pretend that problem isn’t holding us back.

    if first pairing dman isn’t on pp and also not on pk, are they really a first pairing dman or just a place holder that’s somehow lasted too long in that role. He’s too small for bottom pairing and I don’t trust him with Petry who is perfect on second/1B pairing.

    Doesn’t leave much room for him currently. Feel like he was rushed due to lack of options and to his/team’s demise.





  9. 13 minutes ago, PMAC said:

    I’m not trying to convince you that Hudon is worth more than at 5th or a 6th. A 4th would be a great return on him right now. As for Puljujarvi Edm is not getting strong offers for him or he would have been traded already. I think they are hoping he goes to Europe next season and plays well to boost his trade value.

    All I’m saying is that he is too big  a risk for MTL to acquire for anything more than a bargain basement price and so they probably will not get him and I am fine with that 

    Agreed and it to mention We don’t need him at all.

    we need a top pairing dman. 


  10. 3 hours ago, Habber31 said:

    Ferland is a tough guy to peg. Doesn't seem like a bad signing though 

    I agree, but couldn’t help but quite sonI could say

     Ferland is tough. 

    He will do well riding shotgun with van’s young guns in top 6. If healthy, great value. If not....

  11. 18 minutes ago, tomh009 said:


    I have to think scouting US high school hockey has to be a huge challenge. There are just too many schools and leagues to scout effectively.

    Agreed, which is partly why I was so surprised at the number of players taken.

    Not to mention how easily some kids dominate at that age, but that isn’t sustainable.

    If they were drafting kids out of Canadian high school hockey or even top-tier Midget aged players, we’d be baffled I’m sure that they’d gamble on such young talent.


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  12. 33 minutes ago, Commandant said:

    And after staying up all night, the Beast is here.   The hardest article to write all year (just cause the amount of time that is needed to put this thing into a coherent format).  


    The Draft Grades




    Edited as was able to read on second load and wanted to pay due for the hard work and good read.


    stilL enjoying it.




  13. As mentioned above, it is a big gamble for most of these kids.

    From what I’ve seen of him( only videos since the draft) he does move well in all direction, stick handle well and seems composed with the puck.

    Obv small sample size to view and against unknown competition so again insert dart board analogy.


    Comments about him point towards a dman that I personally like (physical, offensive, aggressive) so I will be following his development path thanks to HabsWorld and the great coverage of habs prospects made available through the site.

    it would suck to be a fan of other teams and have much more limited access to information. 


  14. 17 hours ago, Commandant said:


    He does not have close to Byron speed. 

    His good but not great skating is why I didn't have him top 10.  If he skated like Byron, I would have had him probably 5th or 6th.

    Ahha, I should have revisited some reading material before posting.


    So, maybe Shaw type speed with some hands?

    I do realize no point comparing but first round picks always arouse my interest.



  15. This year’s team overperformed, that seems like concencus opinion around here.

    With thé lack of truly elite (game breaking talent) prospects (I do like our prospects but none are going to be elite to the point thy step in next year and provide significant improvement) I don’t see any improvement next year. More likely I see a regression to the mean, the career year players will probably level off so I predict another playoff miss next year. 

    MB should be to blame, when the coach is beyond reproach (whether right or not) and the players are all playing above expectations you must look to the architect for blame. 


    Speakig of coach.

    Is this coach the guy we want nurturing some young talent? Does his history support the development of young players? 



    CP31 is great but he cost us points early on that resulted in no playoffs, he was brutal for first half. Literally lost us easy points early on.

    Upgrade at backup goalie required. Who cares about egos, we need a talented, hungry backup who will take any opportunity and run with it.

    worst case, CP31 plays less/year and actually lasts until his contract ends.



    Inabilty to produce consistent offense, yet again. Upgrades at top 6 required.



    insufficient depth in top 4 dmen, upgrades required. 


    Soecial teams:

    Complete garbage power play, upgrade at top 6/coaching staff required.


    Im quite sure this breakdown could apply to many of the past years’ teams so again I place blame on executive team (GM/owner) for not assembling a winner. It is particularly bothersome when you also consider the cap room and outcry for improvements,and  the mishandling of Markov/Radu. 


    Imagine we’d had Marky playing limited 5 on 5 but PP specialist, and Radu is still on team. Perhaps with Radu still on board, we’d have kept Sergachev  and not gone after Drouin in this scenario, boom our top six is better, left D is all of a sudden excellent. 


    Wow, ramble and ramble.


    saw half of games this year. About half of those were brutal, other half the team played over the expectations and stymied opposition with speed/goaltending. 

    While I love to see w’s and did get excited this year, once I step back and take a look at big picture I realize there is little reason to expect any significant change in results in the near future. 

    Hopefully I’’m wrong but history tells me Management will continue to lead us down a path of mediocrity. 


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  16. Interesting line of thought mentioned above.

    Perhaps, the cost of some extra tix gets worked into pricing of corporate boxes and the “extra tix” from that are used by the club exclusively for schools, minor sports teams, charities? 

    No net gain or loss for team, negligible increase to the price of corporate boxes, does some good for people who may not get to see an NHL game otherwise???

    Go Habs Go! 

  17. 41 minutes ago, REV-G said:

    I'm reading and hearing more that because our greatest need is a top centre and that because none are available in the draft that will bring us immediate help, we should trade our 3d pick, and maybe add to it if necessary, to get our greatly needed top line your centre.


    For interest sake, who could we target, who would be some really good options for us that we could possible get with our 3d pick, plus? 



    Only proven centre who I see being available is oreilly. 

    What the price would be? No idea but more I think about it the more i think he could handle the job and is only true elite(?) centre that  may be available.

    id trade third overall for him. But would prolly have to throw in a player, maybe a dman given buffalos roster needs? They are pretty deep at centre and had ROR slotted on third line at end of season. 

  18. Récent gazette article refers to trading the 3rd overall as a package to get immediate, professional centre. I like that idea as third overall is  underwhelming imo. 

    Dahlin and svechnikov are thé only two this year. 

    Problem is where does this centreman come from? Not many available without trading a golden goose (price)

    Id unload anyone beside price, Weber and Gallagher along with the 3 rd overall for a #1 c. And I’d consider Weber for right price as well.


  19. 59 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    Yes...the reason I haven't engaged with this thread is that Ben's piece is so thoughtful and sensible, I find little to disagree with or add to! One thing I really enjoyed were the reflections on Byron. I for one tend to think of him as younger than he is; and while he is one of my favourite players on this pathetic crew, he's a classic case of a guy whose game will absolutely disintegrate when he loses a step. Ideally, I think, we'd keep him for one more year then flip him at the deadline. He could really add a lot to a contender IMHO, playing the role of 'secret weapon' who scores unexpected, morale-crushing goals.


    Agreed all around.

    a friend pointed out return on investment for Byron this year would be sick from an investment standpoint. 

    Could be same thing for Benn too.

    some teams will over pay for these guys this year in hopes of making a push and there is no reason to hold them as their return will most likely onmy diminish. 

  20. 2 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    Patches is 29. You think he'll still be elite in five years? Please. And you think he'll throw away millions of dollars again just to please Bergevin? Please, again.


    This is not about blame. It's about asset management as far as I'm concerned.

    Well the original commment said 3-4 years, but yes I believe he has the skills and physical strength to be a strong contributor into his thirties. But it all comes down to cost.

    i don’t think he cares about Bergevin but I do think he cares about family stability as he’s come out and said. And I believe him when he says he wants to be part of the solution in Mtl.

    the returns people on the site expect for him are ludicrous and what he would return now is unacceptable.

    nobody is giving a young future #1 C and more for him which is the consensus on what is acceptable from this site. 

    That is asset management, PLEASE...

    a player people here say is garbage and needs to go cause he’s washed up at 29 is going to somehow bring back 2-3 future core pieces??? 

    Nevermind he is and has been the habs onlyconsistwnt threat and therefore easy to target for shut down  down by other teams. Get him some support as a contender would have for him and he is elite. 

    Is he worth 7 million into his 30’s, not imo but if he will stay for 6 I think the value is better to keep him. If team continues to suck he is still a valuable commodity at 31 with a fair price tag. 


  21. 39 minutes ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


    It's funny how Patches seems to work best with guys who are anything but legitimate top-6 talents at C. He's had the best chemistry with DD and Danault. Indeed, that chemistry deludes some of us into thinking that those guys are acceptable #2 C. But give Patches a guy with skill like Drouin and disaster ensues.

    Drouin isn’t a centre tho, so that is part of the problem.

    give max a north-south centre with speed and watch him flourish. 

  22. On 2018-01-18 at 11:53 PM, Link67 said:

    Do we REALLY want to be the team who traded away 2 franchise goalies in their prime during the last 25 years? That worked out so well last time, I am sure it won't sting as bad as the first time to watch Price go have success elsewhere while we turn into a filthy pit of despair and embarrassment, right guys? ....guys?



    Finally a voice of reason.

    imagine the bitch fest this site would be when price is celebrating his second cup with another team.

  23. I love how even a gdt turns into a ‘’trade so and so’’ pouting party on here.

    Also love how commentors assume we can flip just about any player for young talent, as though teams are just dying to give up young twenty somethings that they’ve begun grooming.

    How about the team explores the idea that Max (who apparently loves Mtl, just moved downtown with his young family) accepts another sweet deal of a contract and we hold onto the only certified goal scorer we’ve had in the past Oh maybe a decade. 

    Hes still quite young and by moving the bloated  Contracts of Plex and Shaw at least combined with available cap space try to find a decent centre or even two mediocre ones and stop trying to love our only offensive weapons. You’d think we were an offensive powerhouse the way commentors are calling for trades of max and Galchenyuk. 

    How about supply them with some talent regardless of their native tongue and let them bloom like any other team would.

    the d Corp needs to be blown up but max is still relatively young, a proven offensive talent and has shown enormous patience, accountability and leadership (yes I know it is rare to hear that) in the way he has handled the teams and his own failure this year. 

    He shouldn’t have been made captain but that isn’t his fault, this team should have stuck with four assistants. He has worn the c with pride, dealt with media with upmost patience and honesty and I really think the added pressure of that affected his game and once that pressure reduced a bit as everyone wrote off the season he was able to hold the stick a little looser and find some puck luck. 

    Pax, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Drouin, lekonen, Huron make a great top nine winger set. Trade Shaw and Plex, and being in some centre help and this team is not far from competing for years to come. 

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