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  1. Like the third and fourth lines. Same fourth line we liked in October is back together.

    Panthers usually give us a good game. Is the game plan Carey or Toker tonight.

    Pax Chucky Gally

    DD Pleks Paps

    Third and fourth line as above.

    Would like to see those lines play a slew of back to back games together.

    Ummm, tonight's game is against the Hurricanes, not the Panthers.

  2. This is indeed a "first world problem", but I am getting tired of wasting time reading articles that are linked from the site's main page. They are consistently poorly written (grammar, spelling, phrasing) as well as often offer no real insight or valuable information at all. They use an interesting title to get attention and then rarely answer the question posed in the title and often just regurgitate the same sound bites and opinions as mainstream media (TSN, Sportsnet, etc). They are taking advantage of the loyalty, curiosity, and dedication of the numerous Habs fans around the globe.

    With that said, I know the site itself does not publish these articles for the most part and is just providing links to potentially useful information for the public. This service is what originally brought me to habsworld.net as I liked the centralized access to information and it was easier to load and navigate than my previous preference hockey inside out. Now that I have been frequenting this site for a couple years I have found myself getting frustrated by the aforementioned problem with the quality of the links provided. Is there no way that the administrators can screen articles that are linked from the main page of the site to ensure a minimum level of quality control? The habsworld.net articles are consistently of good quality and provide content with substance, so the administrators and editors obviously are capable of spotting/providing good content. I know, I know, I am whining but I feel this is one of those cases of quantity not trumping quality.

    Thanks for your patience of you made it through my ramble. Keep calm and Carey on, Go Habs Go!

  3. Thought this thread was who should be coaching habs not a chance for same ole posters to say the same ole poop about the same players. MT is doing well and flying under the radar. You can't ask more from a coach in Mtl. Say what you want about him but present results speak volumes. He is a professional level coach and getting the most out of his team at the right time of year. He is easy to bash, but upon unbiased evaluation he is doing well. I love PK, but as far as his and MT's relationship, PK has to respect his coach regardless and be a professional who shows up every game and plays for team wins, I see this happening more and more and thank MT and MB for instilling the team-first mentality, along with some key leaders like Gio, Marky, Prusty, Gorges and a few others. Keep the vibe alive Habs!

  4. The juggling goes on, but EGG deserves to stay together, which seems to be pretty common consensus. I liked the Pleks, Gio, Bournival combo. I do not get why they are not still together, they were bright together. Some of Gio's best games were in that combo, Bournival seems to invigorate him and Pleks is always reliable defensively but Bournival's speed seems to open up space for him in the offensive zone as well. I can see Briere, Pax, Bourque working out well or at least as a decent third line and I kind of like the 4th combo of White, DD, Moen as DD can hopefully provide some speed or "energy" while not being in a role where offence is expected. Lower the expectation and let him over deliver (? hopefully), rebuild some confidence at least worth the shot for a game until Prust returns to demolish his former team.

    Either way Prust and Emelin can not return soon enough, no need to rush them back this early in season, but if they are good to go and play their type of game....Yeehaw, a whole new team i.m.h.o.

  5. Some good points brought up, I like many of these ideas. Watching teams "play for the tie" is brutal, it would be akin to watching Jaques Martin style "protect the 1 goal lead" hockey all lover the place. Very frustrating to watch. I personally do not like the idea of 3 on 3, would rather a SO than that. Very tough decision, the SO's were exciting at first but now have lost the appeal, I feel bad for goalies who stand on their hands all night only to lose in SO. Very sticky situation, that is why playoffs are so great, there is no easy way out. These players are all in incredible shape and should be able to handle extended OT but network tv would not like it very much.

    Zero points for a tie, hmmmm. Kind of warming to that idea as it definitely motivates teams to take the initiative.

    The deserving team ending up with the points on Tuesday though, would have loved to see the habs get 2 points but they did not deserve it.

  6. I thought I nailed it, but got one wrong. I think it was either the mustache question, I thought it was big bird but not sure or the one about how many players had dressed for every game. I had 12 since I counted both goalies but wasn't about that method. Would have loved to get a Prusty t though, damnnnn!

    Anybody nail all ten? Any ideas on the mustachio? It was a beauty soup strainer though lol. Cheers to the weekend all.

  7. Price/Subban/Galchenyuk/Gallagher/Plekanec

    I would go similar but switch Galchenyuk (at this point in his career) for Markov (for who knows how much longer, but as of now) and like the earlier comments about Prust as he provides much needed grit with ability to play minutes, tough to replace that these days as the game evolves. If Emelin returns to form he could be an integral part as well since he also provides physical presence combined with skill. Cool thread, loving some of the answers lol.

    Good point about Gionta not being listed, seems like just when you are ready to call him out he comes up with a multi-point game. Hopefully that comes soon.

  8. You said since Cole left. Cole left last season. Keep moving the goal posts around though.

    Yeah, since Cole left and right through to present day, where was he last night? I know he is fresh off an injury, but if you are not ready to go 100% and contribute then take the requisite time to heal, this is not the playoffs and he will do further damage if not fully healed. Patches hasn't put up numbers and spends more time in recovery than playing. I like him and hope he returns to form as the team desperately needs the offensive contributions he has shown but I do not believe he is a legit sniper and shows no sign of using his size as a power forward. I believe Cole's ability to back the opposing defense in using his speed down the wing is a big part of Patches success as it opened space up inside the opposing zone, now Patches has to attack d who are holding the line and stifling his freedom of movement, prime example is his last injury as he chose to carry the puck into a well covered slot area into good coverage. Like I said, I hope he is able to be paired up with complimenting players, when the kids are a little better defensively it could be great to combine Gallagher's net crashing and forecheck, Galchenyuk's playmaking with Patches to perhaps re invigorate his goal scoring. As of the last four games the whole team looks overrated, joking. Go habs!

  9. As far as white does, he does well on draws, stands up for guys even when out matched and has been very strong positionally. Hard to say overrated as he never gets press or much ice time and plays 4th line.

    Overrated: Patches as far as guys who are expected to produce, get top minutes. Puts himself in vulnerable positions without getting any pay offs for it, doesn't hit, misses net in shoot outs, hasn't really done anything since Cole left but keeps getting lots of t.o.i..

    Underrated: Gallagher. He has consistently been one of the best players on either team any given night, is producing, had been good an draws when needed and gets into the dirty areas. We need a big forward that can do these things as Patches, Bourque, Moen do not seem to do it consistently enough. Those three should give opposing dmen nightmares but they hardly throw their weight around.

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