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  1. Ok well I don't need this place and obviously the guy that put that under my nick doesn't want me here either so perhaps it's best for all if I just disappear.
  2. By the way, I don't find the comment under my nick in the least bit funny. I take that as an insult. I have no problem leaving this place and never logging in again if this is meant as some sort of insult. If the powers that be don't want me around anymore just say so but don'tstoop to such childish behaviour.
  3. Hey smon if you can't read something in plain english in the post previous to yours then a little friendly direction is in order. No?
  4. Guess what Mont Royale, I hope you can overcome your tendency to be a sarcastic, condescending psychotherapist so that you will be able to deal with real issues in real life.
  5. Kovalev is older so he had more seasons to score 30 goals. When he scored 44 he was on a team studded with stars and that was a different time when goals came easier. Zednik will outscore Kovalev this year.
  6. Yes I did say "I" but that doesn't mean that I excluded anybody else from having the same thoughts. I just said I was one of the few that felt like this. Get it?
  7. Are you blind? I quoted myself in the previous post. Did you miss that? Read the part in brackets. Perhaps you need glasses. Sheesh.
  8. In terms of goal scoring we have 3 guys that are in the 30 goal range. Kovalev is the better player and point producer but the best goal scorer is either Ryder or Zednik. You can't say Kovalev is really better at scoring goals than these guys.
  9. By the way smon, I didn't say I was the only one who said Hossa would suck or that the habs would drop in the standings. My exact words were " I was the only one ( or at least one of the few) with guts enough to say this team was in no way good enough to be in the position they were in". You should try reading more carefully, the stuff in brackets count to you know.
  10. If you bothered reading through this whole thread you would see that I was merely defending myself from previous attacks which suggested my "predictions" were total bullshit and I didn't know what I was talking about. As to saying people suggested I have special status, I'm sure they were being sarcastic and that it was merely another dig at me. You can't see that? Try to read between the lines.
  11. I feel I have to be defensive considering what has happened. I actually stopped posting here for a couple of weeks because I was insulted by certain people who totally discounted what I was saying. I feel vindicated now. I had yet to comment on the teams drop in the standings and how I had said it would happen but comments directed at me earlier in this thread pushed me into saying this. I didn't want to come off with a "I told you so" type of attitude but I also felt I had to defend myself. I want this team to do as well as anyone but not at the price of going around with rose coloured glasses pretending that the Habs are better than they really are.
  12. Now maybe he'll get his head out of his ass and start playing better.
  13. Well rooster if you want to dredge up all my old posts, you will see that I was ridiculed by some because I said this team had been lucky and that we were in no way as good as the standings suggested. I was called negative and basically told I knew nothing about hockey. I don't have the patience to look this up but I invite you to do it. My comments are directed at those people. To option, you say you don't know how good this team is but that is where we differ. This is a 5th to 7th place team in the east. If Kovalev is in the lineup and Theo is playing as well has he can, it's a team that could really upset a lot of other teams and make a good run at the cup. But for this to happen the stars have to align up just right and of course injuries have to be kept at a minimum. So at best this team is an outside contender at worst a first round exit. There is no mystery to me what this team is and I know exactly what to expect from it.
  14. <i>Originally posted by johnnyhasbeen</i> If we were to jump into trades here is my dream situation Theo and bonk to fla for Luongo and Jokinen Only if the Florida GM was on crack. Theo isn't good enough to trade straight up for Luongo but to add insult to injury you throw in Jokinen for Bonk? You think Bonk is as good as or better than Jokinen? Wow.. And why is everyone so eager to trade Zednick? On a team that is so anemic on offence and everyone wants to trade possibly the best scorer on the team. Wow, you guys really make me wonder. We need to add offence not subtract it.
  15. It's funny that you guys are all giving me shit for saying I was right about Hossa AND the fact that the Habs have slipped way down the standings. You were probably the same guys who flamed me for saying that this team wasn't good enough to be considered anything better than a 6th place team in the east even when they were on top of the league. Seems I can't win no matter what I say. Oh well, I'm comforted by the fact I was right and all you cheer leaders were dead wrong. I was the only one ( or at least one of the few) with guts enough to say this team was in no way good enough to be in the position they were in. They were lucky plain and simple and one injury, even to a key player, shouldn't turn a team from a top contender into loser. Before someone starts griping about all the other injuries and suspensions remember, this team was well on it's slide before any of that happened and Kovalev was the only one out. One goal games and overtime winners have a lot of luck involved in them and we got the breaks in those games. Regardless of what the majority here may say, this team was very lucky. But luck has a way of turning and so it has. Kovalev himself said they were very lucky to be in the position they were in the standings way back when but I guess some guys here know better than him. I guess the past month has been a real reality check for some of you while others like myself know this is basically the same team that was grasping at straws trying to make the playoffs before kovalev arrived. If these things make me unpopular so be it. Guess I'm not a band wagon jumper. So sue me. Never been one for optimistic fantasies. Just logical reality and a carefull examination of the facts are what my opinions are based on. Cheerleading ain't my thing.........
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