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  1. Grow up? You should try it. When someone disagrees with you, you insult them, punk. Go #### yourself
  2. How about I just not read yours, that's less than a molecule of respect for you , exactly what you show everyone else.
  3. This summation is excellent... tired of the malcontents spewing hatred for OUR club. Wanna brag and say how much you appreciate Poille's 20 years of a GM and Nashville's new top(cough) defenseman? https://www.hockeyforums.net/forum/34-nashville-predators-forum/ Join up and cya... I'm glad for PK's continued success, but I really don't want to hear the doom and gloom constantly surrounding our favorite club. Some of us here think the Habs had a good season, and weren't really that far away from going deeper, and Weber played well for us, good teams lose playoff roun
  4. Tavares with a long term, yep, well, maybe. A Dman like Sergachev is hard to find.
  5. I watched the game last night as well, Beast mode in this case is accurate. I can accept the Habs early playoff exit, knowing Sergachev is coming soon, really glad Bergevin didn't trade this guy in a deal for say, Duschene... only to still exit the playoffs early. Hab fans wanting to include Sergachev in every imagined trade proposal, have obviously never seen him play.
  6. Quite the collaboration of Bergevin haters placing blame, a lot of GM's won't claim a cup this year as well, 29 of them who couldn't secure the pieces to win it all at the deadline. Bergevin did what he could in his opinion, for the long term, and I for one don't think Duschene or Vrbata et al, at a kings ransome would have got the Habs anywhere.... especially if it cost Sergachev or similar... We as laymen can second guess him all day, who here knows what it's really like to be in an NHL GM's shoes? Nobody. Hard to blame the coach, goalie, or players like the bottom 3
  7. WoW! A moment of clarity, thanks Nut! Tired of the Subban worship, the trade is a year old, time to move on I would think. I don't cheer for Subban, I am a Habs fan, and I think Weber is a stud...
  8. Yep, it was the first game the Rags owned in this series, Habs need to play their game, and keep those feet moving...I still think the Habs are the better team.
  9. I agree with this, it was a freak accident on a play that happens a hundred times per game, to all who carries the puck...Crosby takes lots of abuse, and Methot tries to hit everyone he can, he's no angel, so too bad, tough break.
  10. Thanks CK, let's get this winning playoff games thing started!
  11. We're all co-winners! Now let's beat the Rangers, and run that playoff record to 16-7 like CC said!
  12. I have noticed McCarron as better lately as well, not saying better than Ott or anyone else, but better than he has been before on this last call up. I think he is getting more up to speed every game he gets, he is working on being a work in progress I guess, I don't have lofty expectations for him, but hoping he turns into a useful NHL player for the Habs. King looks injured...or just that slow? At any rate, for the most part he has been painful to watch. What happened to Montoya?
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