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  1. And of course I'm at work and missed it.
  2. Good to know. Thanks!
  3. I always thought the backup took the road game in these cases. But yeh, score early, score often.
  4. Am I the only one insulted that they choose this game for Hutchinson? It's as if they think we don't pose an actual threat.
  5. Looks like Ikonen is out for 6 months too.
  6. Thanks, that seems to have worked!
  7. I'm having the same issue.
  8. Got the 2 tickets versus Dallas that I wanted!
  9. FYI, the on-sale time tomorrow has been changed to 9am.
  10. Any word if TSN is covering the vast majority of Habs games again this season?
  11. My guess is that the move involves Alzer somehow.
  12. From the Canadiens website
  13. Thanks Commandant! Have they formally announced the sale dates anywhere?
  14. Sorry to create a new topic for this, but I didn't want to bump one from 2007 lol. Does anyone know when individual tickets go on sale this year? The Habs website is less than helpful.
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