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  1. 2017 Rocket/Beast Offseason Thread

    Almonds are healthy, amirite?
  2. 2017-18 Line-up

    I seem to be saying this a lot, but can we leave personal attacks out of these discussions? I know it's a long summer, but c'mon guys...
  3. Fire Bergevin

    Guys, I know we can debate this without personal attacks/crude references.
  4. Sad to see him gone, and I hope that his contract demands were unreasonable, because there's no other reason not to bring him back for a year (pending potential moves). Farewell, General.
  5. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    Great depth signing, but definitely no Markov replacement. I don't mind him getting some 3rd pair and 2nd PP time. Is it safe to say that MB is done signing D, barring any trades for a C? I can't say I'm stoked about the backend!
  6. To be fair, Methot wanted nothing to do with Montreal.
  7. Fire Bergevin

    Why thanks! Honestly, I carry a grudge from 2009 when I had drafted him pretty high in all of my fantasy leagues... and he played all of 22 games. Can't shake the feeling that he's a bandaid boy, but sit corrected to see the decent GP the last 3 years.
  8. Fire Bergevin

    I'm pretty sure Hemsky will be slotted in the LTIR...
  9. Ales Hemsky signs with Montreal

    Don't forget we had to throw in Flynn to sweeten the pot!
  10. Ales Hemsky signs with Montreal

    He's definitely not a top-6 fwd anymore, but my Dallas friend says his two-way play is really underrated. Y'know, when he's not on the IR healing his papier maché bones.
  11. One year, one way, $1M.
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Isn't that good news if EK is reporting it?
  13. Injury news

    Hahaha and now we're down to one sentence!
  14. Injury news

    Thanks! I like that your assumption is that two sentences is too long for me to read!
  15. Injury news

    Any word on Montoya or Benn?