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  1. Habs re-sign Phillip Danault

    Gotta be pretty awful D and G to fit those forwards under the cap... but would really matter?
  2. De La Rose re-signs

    I think the only person that might find this exciting is my wife, because she thinks DLR is dreamy.
  3. Injury news

    I hear ya. I'm pretty much decided that I'm not paying for tickets until there's actually NHL caliber hockey being played in Montreal.
  4. Habs sign Matthew Peca

    I'll do you one better.... Who?
  5. UFA Day Thread

    Buffalo can trade ROR before midnight and get out of paying him the bonus.
  6. UFA Day Thread

    It'll be weird seeing Halak in Boston
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Cuz he plays like the bastard child of Crosby and McDavid whenever he plays the Habs? The longest 30 minute bus ride I ever had was after the Heritage Classic last year, with half the bus chanting "Pageau" instead of "Ole" non-stop.
  8. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Gotta wonder if he got fired in GM mode...
  9. (Legal) NHL streaming or apps

    So hopefully Habs games would be ok in Ontario? Or would it depend who they were playing?
  10. (Legal) NHL streaming or apps

    Hahaha, ya it was always there!
  11. (Legal) NHL streaming or apps

    Thanks guys! I was thinking about the Gamecentre app, but I didn't know if blackouts came in to effect with it.
  12. I recently cut my tv cable (saving $80/month for something I barely used) and the only downside is that I can't watch live sports. I tried the Kodi thing, and that was an abysmal failure, so I was wondering if you guys have tried the Rogers NHL live or any of the other apps with any success.
  13. 17-18 Players Poll

    Perceived elite... after all, Tim Peel made the best ref list! Nice to see Weber still getting respect around the league.
  14. Feb. 26, Flyers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Definitely. But maybe going with a hunch and because Patch was just brutal on his breakaways on Saturday?
  15. Nikita Scherbak Called up

    No... but it might effect my enjoyment of the game I'm going to this Saturday.... I was looking forward to seeing him live!