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  1. Mete to the World Juniors

    I always wondered, do players continue to earn their NHL salary in these situations?
  2. Love/Hate X players

    I liked Pouliot in Montreal, but he's pissed me off since!
  3. Injury news

    He says his recovery has stagnated, so he's going to take a few days off from skating. Says he shouldn't be out long. Turns out the injury came from warm-up in that game against Minnesota. He didn't really recognize that something was wrong until the next day.
  4. Injury news

    Though he did work with Waite earlier in the morning.
  5. Injury news

    A lesser man would have implicated the concussion in Hemsky's forgetfulness... I guess I'm that guy...
  6. Injury news

    Julien said that Price will probably resuming practicing this week, and that the injury isn't related to the one 2 years ago.

    I can understand the ego thing; that frustrates me at times as well. In this case, I don't feel that the post that you referred to came off with "I told you so" vibe, but rather with the OP stating his drafting preference at the time. That's why I thought the response was inappropriate, and I thought I'd try to nip things in the bud.

    Was that before or after his injury?

    You didn't have to give him a pat on the back, Commandant, but you didn't have to jump down his throat either. I form a lot of my opinions from sportscasters, hockey magazines etc... and although I acknowledge that doesn't make me an expert, I can still state my case. I just don't want another thread to dissolve into personal attacks, so how about we all play nice, ok?
  10. Rebuild the right way

    I agree to a certain extent; there have been plenty of positives, but Mete's performance has been the most surprising to me, while the others have merely met my expectations, I suppose. And I haven't written off the season yet! Just commenting up to this point (crystal ball is still broken).
  11. Rebuild the right way

    I'm not sure how Mete's development is being ruined when he's improving game after game? I'm not saying things are perfect, but that's basically the one thing they're not buggering up this year.
  12. Who's to blame when it comes to Galchenyuk?

    Excellent first post! Welcome to HW!
  13. Ah, can't count on my memory or observational skills for much these days...
  14. I'm pretty sure that DLR broke his stick and Chucky passed him his FWIW