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  1. Byron - 3 Game Suspension

    Consistency for the ruling would be nice. Byron has no history of dirty hits and gets 3 games and marchand gets suspended 3 times a year and gets 3 games also! He slowed down on impact holding back! A phone hearing with a 1 game suspension, was more in order ..
  2. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Mon. BOS - Price Tues. FLA - Price Fri. CBJ - Niemi Sat. PHI - Price wed. ARI - Price so we can look at this as price playing 3/4 games , which is ideal. And having 3 days off till Saturdays game and additional 3 days rest till Arizona’s game on Wednesday... the big full court press is on for a playoff Positioning standing! Go Habs go!!
  3. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Has Niemi been confirmed for tonight’s game? Honestly I would of gone with Price against a playoff chasing team as in Florida. After tonight’s game we have two scheduled games in 8 days.. plenty of time to heal and rest..
  4. Jan. 3, Canucks vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Price starting...
  5. Injury news

    So we’re off to a good karma start to 2019 with Price back on the ice... 👍
  6. Injury news

    Happy New Year Boys... Any word on Price being on the ice this morning?
  7. Injury news

    Not good on price. This can be a minor day/day treak or a more escalated serious injury moving forward . 0-3 on this road trip.
  8. Game#34 Dec 17 2018 Bruins vs Habs 7:30

    Huge game for the boys. A big win tonight before a tough 6 game road trip , would setup things lovely.. . Defence needs to come together more as a whole and no softies from price.. 4-2 Habs
  9. Scherbak on waivers, claimed by Los Angeles

    It’s because he’s a first round Russian prospect! I even remember when he was drafted, one of TSN panel experts called him a cheap version of Alex Ovechkin!! ( are you kiddy me) lol
  10. The season at the 20% mark

    Agree also. Basically getting Rid of Plekanec, was to make room for Kokanee on the 3rd line all season,..
  11. Nov. 13, Canadiens vs Oilers, 9 PM

    I’m not going to be that guy who brings up the 10.5 mil everytime things go south with Price. ( he’s getting paid for being a elite athlete in NHL) But “light a fire under price”? I certainly hope that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about him for next 8 years at that price tag! Getting his head back with focus and releasing all issues in his head , I’m all in on that . I will not be at the game tonight but hoping for a odd win in Edmonton..
  12. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Back to back wins perhaps... Price usually shows up for these MSG games.
  13. Nov. 1, Caps vs Habs 7:30

    All good points and your probably right with all this. . I was on the line more of thinking of spicy up the first line with more offence and Danault with a more shut down line on the 3rd. You and coach Julian seem to be on the same page with all this. And with the team wining , I stand corrected! 👍
  14. Nov. 1, Caps vs Habs 7:30

    Great game by the boys last night! I was hoping for a top five pick or even with a little luck winning the lottery, but how do you go against these guys ! Am I the only one that was disappointed with Danault’s game last night? It seems like he’s not bringing much to the table during the game and Especially on that line with Gallagher and Tarta. . I would eventually like and expect to see the kid Kotka mid season or so spend time on that line and have Danault back centering the third line where he belongs... Price looks a lot better then last year, but I’m not 100% convinced yet.its early and I’m sure he’ll work himself to top form. The biggist reason for this turn around this year, imho is Gallagher! Even thoe this kid has been a great player from day one with this club. He’s brought his game and leadership to the next level. With the absence of Weber there is no doubt in my mind he is the true captain on this team right now and everyone is following suit.. Go Habs Go
  15. Oct. 30, Stars vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Benn and Alzner on our top two D pairing? That scares the crap outer me!