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  1. Game #Nice: Habs vs Ducks 10:00 March 8 2019

    He’s saving the all time wins record at home against a original six team . Habs/red wings
  2. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Yes absolutely... but not as bad as the oilers! I would like to compare there 1st round picks dating to past 10 years ... 😂
  3. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    Thompson’s faceoff % is at a respectful 53%. Helping that 4th line win faceoffs and eat up minutes. Any Faceoff% numbers on Chaput and Peca this year? Just curious on the upgrade if much .
  4. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    First one to score from the point, Weber or Subban .. Wins Stanley cup lol
  5. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    Absolutely a pleasure to watch such a great performance and effort from the boys last night. If we can stay healthy down the stretch into the playoffs and get a few bounces going our way. This can be a long exciting playoff run.., Montreal/Nashville Stanley cup finals?? go Habs go !!
  6. Byron - 3 Game Suspension

    Consistency for the ruling would be nice. Byron has no history of dirty hits and gets 3 games and marchand gets suspended 3 times a year and gets 3 games also! He slowed down on impact holding back! A phone hearing with a 1 game suspension, was more in order ..
  7. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Mon. BOS - Price Tues. FLA - Price Fri. CBJ - Niemi Sat. PHI - Price wed. ARI - Price so we can look at this as price playing 3/4 games , which is ideal. And having 3 days off till Saturdays game and additional 3 days rest till Arizona’s game on Wednesday... the big full court press is on for a playoff Positioning standing! Go Habs go!!
  8. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Has Niemi been confirmed for tonight’s game? Honestly I would of gone with Price against a playoff chasing team as in Florida. After tonight’s game we have two scheduled games in 8 days.. plenty of time to heal and rest..
  9. Jan. 3, Canucks vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Price starting...
  10. Injury news

    So we’re off to a good karma start to 2019 with Price back on the ice... 👍
  11. Injury news

    Happy New Year Boys... Any word on Price being on the ice this morning?
  12. Injury news

    Not good on price. This can be a minor day/day treak or a more escalated serious injury moving forward . 0-3 on this road trip.
  13. Game#34 Dec 17 2018 Bruins vs Habs 7:30

    Huge game for the boys. A big win tonight before a tough 6 game road trip , would setup things lovely.. . Defence needs to come together more as a whole and no softies from price.. 4-2 Habs
  14. Scherbak on waivers, claimed by Los Angeles

    It’s because he’s a first round Russian prospect! I even remember when he was drafted, one of TSN panel experts called him a cheap version of Alex Ovechkin!! ( are you kiddy me) lol
  15. The season at the 20% mark

    Agree also. Basically getting Rid of Plekanec, was to make room for Kokanee on the 3rd line all season,..