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  1. there has been good balance on the 4 lines so far, Best in the league right now. Reason for I not in favour of such a big mixup. But you do have a good point on adding more defensive balance on all four lines .
  2. Don’t like the new lines. 3rd and 4th lines look more like a 4a, 4b..
  3. Not one to complain about referees, but I honestly think they were responsible for sucking the air from the sails of the Habs on this game. We came out flying and had go pace and opportunity shots on net. The penalty shot and Weal penalty which resulted in a goal. Come to mind on first thought. Both very weak!
  4. Great pass fromPetry ... what a stud year he’s having.
  5. Brian on this matter, you have my vote..., 😂 good job on all the work you do on here.
  6. rebound control, lateral moment, confidence.. I’m not complaining or negative just my first thoughts on the first period as a Hab.. should of kept those thoughts to myself . Lol
  7. Looking forward to seeing our backup for the first time. Looks a little shaky so far.
  8. Once our boy plays himself out of the doghouse on the 3rd 2nd line Drouin - Domi - Suzuki which is a very good top 6 NHL line.
  9. Even though I had Suzuki making the team over a week back, I did have him pencil on the 3rd line. He has now shown us of a deservedly spot on the top six. Here’s how i now see it and I’m intrigued or excited about all four lines on opening the season.. Tatar Danault Gallagher Drouin Domi Suzuki Lenkonan KK Weal Byron Thompson Armia Mete Weber Chariot Petry Kulak Fleury Price Kincaid .. Extras... Cousins, Reilly, Follin Armia and weal can swap between 3rd/4th line duties throughout season
  10. Price looks very sharp in this game. Positioning and lateral movement Etc..,
  11. Let’s say both Suzuki and Poehling are sent down to Laval (which will probably happen). . Will we see both of them playing centre on separate lines or have one as a winger and both playing together to build Chemistry ?
  12. Lehkonen - Domi - Drouin Tatar - Danault- Gallagher Suzuki - Kotkaniemi - Armia Byron - Thompson - Weal Mete - Weber Chiarot - Petry Kulak- Fleury Price Kinkaid I know it’s early for this boys (lol), but getting excited already. This is how I see the lineup on opening day. Suzuki hasn’t turned any heads yet but I honestly think he’s pacing himself for the whole preseason and will force a spot on opening night . go Habs go
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