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  1. If or when we miss the playoffs, will Kovalchuk be worth anything at the trade deadline? 4th? Probably a 5th
  2. Merry Christmas to all, Health and happiness...
  3. As long as both are ready for the Oiler game next Saturday, all is good in the universe...
  4. A very disappointed Lose at home against the leagues worst, just before hitting a difficult all Canadian Western swing. All this talk about out playing them and so on! They need to find a way to score and win these games at any cost . Loses like these all year will be the difference on us not making the playoffs by 2-3 points again.
  5. Any updates on a return for Mete and KK? I have tickets for the Habs in Edmonton game here. Really hoping for a NHL roster and a win! thanks
  6. Chucky has had plenty of opportunities with other teams to prove Terrein and Habs Organization wrong. But he can’t , there’s nothing there! and I was a huge fan of him and wished him success with another team.
  7. I like the call. It gives price another days rest for his next game and the team Will play a much tighter game in front of the rookie. All will Be seeking a big win for his first professional NHL game, Nothing better then at home at the bell centre. I'm honestly thinking two big wins here back to back on the decision making here from CJ...
  8. there has been good balance on the 4 lines so far, Best in the league right now. Reason for I not in favour of such a big mixup. But you do have a good point on adding more defensive balance on all four lines .
  9. Don’t like the new lines. 3rd and 4th lines look more like a 4a, 4b..
  10. Not one to complain about referees, but I honestly think they were responsible for sucking the air from the sails of the Habs on this game. We came out flying and had go pace and opportunity shots on net. The penalty shot and Weal penalty which resulted in a goal. Come to mind on first thought. Both very weak!
  11. Great pass fromPetry ... what a stud year he’s having.
  12. Brian on this matter, you have my vote..., 😂 good job on all the work you do on here.
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