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  1. How many do you have per game?
  2. Thanks too you all on the discussion! Very helpful and appreciated.. I’ve decided with Tampa/Pittsburg games. Now hopefully I can get them at the site and pay face value, when available.
  3. So with this being a very costly family trip with the purchase of 10 tickets with the two games (lol) can some of you advise on 1or2 sections I can focus on for good value? Good value as in affordable with decent seats for a good, Pleasurable experience of the game. and also... I’m looking at two options for the trip. 1) October 24/26.. SAN José and leafs Saturday night! 2) January 2/4.. Tampa bay and Pittsburgh Saturday night. Crosby and chucky there both good options on being a first experience but also a difficult one to choose.. help me out here fellows on which one would you choose..?
  4. So am I able to purchase 5 tickets to the one game?
  5. Hello, I’m also very interested in this . Planning on a trip with the family from Edmonton. Hoping to watch two games on a 4/5 day trip, Thursday/Saturday games were aiming for. Can we buy tickets directly from the Habs Organization ( is this best way?) or has to be ticketmaster/stubhub. Any advice would be appreciated here on attending Hab games for the very first time. Thanks
  6. This is shaping up to be a very disappointing 2nd round for the Habs.
  7. Well done once again this year big guy! You keep us updated and educated on drafts and young prospects year in, year out... ?
  8. Well the was a pleasant surprise to all of us (lol), None of us saw that coming. Very happy with this result , as we now add a potential high level elite pure goal scorer to our top 6...
  9. Yes I’m under the understanding he’s falling slowly though-out the season from top 10. Commandant with your humble opinion and expertise on drafting. ( which I respect firmly) where do you have him at?
  10. By the looks of Final rankings for most mock drafts . Ryan Suzuki ranked #14-20 or so.. What interests do we on this board and the Habs organization on picking him up at #15? two brothers with the potential on both playing top 6, would sure add excitement for Habs fans for many games in the future. just a thought
  11. Victor Soderstrom, D or Cam York, D, lets add to the defence core and pick up scoring with UFA or trades...
  12. If we win our remaining 2 games , were in the playoffs. You would think from the remaining 4 games left from COL/CAR there’s one loss in there!
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