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  1. Wouldn’t we rather see Weal over Weise? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll rather not have both in the lineup but I do understand and respect CJ decision to go with some NHL experience on that 4th line. hopefully we’ll see Domi up on the top two lines as a winger, sooner then later...
  2. Hello, A bit out of the loop here,... is Romanov eligible to play for the Habs in the playoffs? now that he’s locked in on has entry-level deal.
  3. Can’t wait to see MB brand new suit for draft day. 14 times we’ll see him on stage in front of the Bell Centre faithful, lol.... he’s going to look good and feel like a rock star!
  4. I’m listening to tsn 1260 here, was brought up with the Panel, I think Low Tide.., like I said a rumour out of Edmonton and not sure if it’s anything. These are a bunch of clowns here on most days.
  5. Rumours around Edmonton here this morning, Colorado in talks about Price
  6. So we basically turned a 4th for two 5th rounders?
  7. I was hoping for a 2nd round at the deadline, with a desperate team still looking to pickup something towards the end of Monday. With such a small cap hit he was definitely intriguing to some teams.
  8. If or when we miss the playoffs, will Kovalchuk be worth anything at the trade deadline? 4th? Probably a 5th
  9. Merry Christmas to all, Health and happiness...
  10. As long as both are ready for the Oiler game next Saturday, all is good in the universe...
  11. A very disappointed Lose at home against the leagues worst, just before hitting a difficult all Canadian Western swing. All this talk about out playing them and so on! They need to find a way to score and win these games at any cost . Loses like these all year will be the difference on us not making the playoffs by 2-3 points again.
  12. Any updates on a return for Mete and KK? I have tickets for the Habs in Edmonton game here. Really hoping for a NHL roster and a win! thanks
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