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  1. Wonder if MB can try and get Dylan Strome for cheap out of phx? Looks like they kind of are giving up on him.
  2. GDT

    Don't remember us draft in the whl for a long time.
  3. GDT

    Yeah but do we trust our development program to develop him??? I don't
  4. He could always trade for the 1st overall pick then flip it to a team for a number 1 centre
  5. I wonder what nhl team there going to flip emelin to? Also if that is the case and they don't keep him why couldn't MB trade him?
  6. The problem is that since Marc has been here he has never develop his own core players. In the 5 years that his been here , he has no impact players that he has developed. bob in his time here had price,pac,gally,pk,halak, plekanec, emelin
  7. It's sad that in the last 20 years we only have 3 1st round picks on our roster. Price, Pacioretty and for now Galchenyuk. Our drafting and development really needs to be address and fixed. It's going to become hard for this team to make any trades unless it's a roster player going the other way. I think this drouin trade could be the last for us. When it comes to trading prospects. i think it's time to blow up the drafting and development scouting team we have, and bring in new people.
  8. Your guys are over valuing him. You get more for him if you package him with someone. But for picks I think that's the most you get for him.
  9. How long tell plekanec and emelin get trade??
  10. How's his French 😂 Who MB knows how to make trades out of the blue
  11. This organization is in trouble when it comes to prospects and development and drafting. We have no one in the farm system that we can call up to play a big roll or challenge these guys for roster spots. what happen after bob left??????? With bob we were close to the top when it comes to prospects. But now we got no good blue chip prospects. i don't understand that this organization doesn't see that this is a big big problem. We need to fix the way we draft and develop our players.
  12. I think a deal is done with radulov but the team won't say anything tell after the expansion draft. This way we don't have to protect him and can protect someone else. Then after the draft sign him to a long term deal.
  13. I have a bad feeling about the team we could put out next year. what if radulov doesn't resign? And we lose bryon to Vegas. thats a lot of scoring out of our lineup
  14. The problem with galchenyuk is that he has no one on this team to look to and take him under there wing and teach him. Maybe the best move for MB is to bring in a veteran that can take him and show him what he needs to do, before we give up on him. bring in a guy who can be the 3rd line centre and has a very good face off %. Then get home to teach galchenyuk how to be better on the face offs.
  15. Was just thinking that it's time for the nhl to make changes to the draft to stop teams from getting the top pick over and over. There is flaws in the draft and the new way to build a team is to tank for 3-4 years ,and get as many top five picks as you can. It isn't fare to the teams that don't do this a try and make the playoffs every year, like Montreal. i think that every 3 years the nhl should put all nhl teams in the lottery so they have a chance at the top pick. Like they did in the lock out year of Sid's draft. the points for the season would just be used for playoff seeds. i think it could eventually even out the talent for nhl teams.