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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I would call up the leafs and try and get brown from them. I think he could be a good pick up for us. He could be the odd man out there with all the talent they have. He played on there 3 Rd line and had a good rookie year. Those numbers should go up if put on the top line.

    I NEED HABS NEWS, I will take anything. Can't stand this quietness
  3. 2017-18 Line-up

    They don't have to be part of the same trade. Or if they are we could get back a center and a puck moving d back for the both of them.
  4. 2017-18 Line-up

    I still think there's a trade coming and going the other way is going to be Galchenyuk and Gallagher. to much cap space on this team, unless they give a offer sheet to a RFA. cant see this being the team they start the season with.
  5. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    Markov going home to play. I wonder if that's so he can play for his country in the Olympics.
  6. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    That contracts going to hurt the leafs in 2 years once they got to resign all there young rookies. He doesn't play for them on that 3rd year if you ask me.
  7. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    If you look at today's NHL it's a young guys game. Vet players that are past 35 don't get no love from teams. I think Markov goes back home and plays in the K where he will get the money he wants.
  8. Maybe things aren't as bad as.....

    Well this team has no up and coming players ready to play full time and make a impact . If we get any injurys next season we are done. i think this team thanks to MB has no direction, no identity and no future. how does a GM blow up a teams core players and replace them with no one ??
  9. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    So if we gave him his 2 years 6mil to keep him.....wouldn't everyone be complaining how much we over paid for him???? Just saying
  10. Fire Bergevin

    It doesn't pay to be a fan favorite under MB, unless your name is price.
  11. Andrei Markov tribute thread - officially not back

    He should go join PK and emelin in Nashville
  12. Habs sign Mark Streit, 1 year, $700,000

    will it be hard for MB to sign top UFA"s if he doesn't show loyalty towards players?
  13. I was just thinking about why would a player take a 8 year deal? A lot can happen in 8 years. Plus players could be making more then you if rev goes up. I think the max I would take for I was a player would be 5 years. If the team doesn't comment to winning then I still have options, if rev goes up I can cash in and make more. whats your take? Do you take the full max and the money? Or do you give yourself an out and only take 5 years.
  14. Yeah from some of the response I see fans will never accept a full rebuild. I could imagine how the media would react. I guess that's why this organization is behind in times, and why we haven't and probably won't win a cup any time soon.
  15. Did some of you even read the title of my post??? It's not talking about rebuilding now, it's talking about 5 years from now when price is 34. That's the age of when the decline In a player starts. And at that time when it comes to thinking about trading him and rebuilding would fans and media accept a full on rebuild. Or are they just happy with the bandaid jobs to keep the team in the playoffs moves that always seem to happen here?