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    Price, Gally, Weber...they keep getting traded

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    Life long habs fan, i have followed the habs through thick and thin and around the world. The run to the cup in 93 is something i will not forget, magic!!!

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  1. 13th Annual Regular season Prediction Contest

    32-40-6-4 6th in Atlantic 13th in East 214 GF Maybe the team will surprise the other way than they did last year, but I have doubts, and really, what we need is a good draft position for all of those picks, and solid progress from the younger players.
  2. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Nice, Suzuki the ninja
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    https://thehockeywriters.com/allan-mcshane-2018-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/ Nice pick
  4. I don't always post, but when I do, it's to win this contest. 44-26-6-6 for 100 points 2nd in Atlantic 4th in East 239 goals for If we don't fill the cap space, if we do, I reserve the right to make a new prediction, but of course it won't count!
  5. 11th Annual Prediction Contest

    a) 47-25-5-5 for 104 pts B) 2nd in the Atlantic C) 6th in the NHL D) 242 GF
  6. 10th Annual Regular Season Prediction Contest

    48-27-5-2 103 points 2nd in Atlantic 3rd in East 5th in League 242 goals for
  7. Question is now, will the coach be back after three straight losing seasons?
  8. Mar. 7, Habs vs Coyotes, 7 PM

    Chipchura, our long lost #1 center! What a waste of a draftpick he was. It will be so depressing if Habs lose this one too. Looking at his WHL stats, why in the world would you ever draft someone with such crap offensive stats at #18 overall...who made that call, and how drunk were they?
  9. HABS vs KINGS March 5

    Tokar can't stop a friggin beach ball
  10. Habs acquire Brian Flynn

    I have a feeling the habs might be going hard after Marleau or another forward.
  11. 47-27-3-5 = 102 points 1st in Atlantic 8th in NHL 218 GF
  12. Game 7, Canadiens vs Bruins, 7 PM

    Well, could it possibly get any better than those last two games? Only if we make it to and have success in the finals. The Bruins got what they deserved..and so did the Habs. This is a great team, with a great feel about it. I said it at pick-up hockey a couple of months ago that I thought the Habs were going to make a run this year. And here we are! I've been downloading the games and watching them on my projector the day after here in Saudi Arabia. I'm sure you all can imagine what it means to have that to be able to enjoy here. I work with a bunch of Brits and Americans so all I have to do is avoid the news and there isn't much chance of getting a spoiler. Can't wait for at least 6 more games I would say. Ole, Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole
  13. 8th Annual Season Prediction Contest

    Ahhhhhhh yeah!!!
  14. Habs vs Leafs, March 22

    Pacioretty wearing the A .... Plekanec not wearing an A ... haven't noticed this before, when did that change?