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  1. Habs vs. Avalanche | Game Thread

    Julien was fired for sitting Theodore in the pressbox, not Price.
  2. Time for Gainey to go

    No, Colin! Bestiality is bad!
  3. Habs vs. Avalanche | Game Thread

    No predictions for me tonight, but I'm switching from coffee back to my traditional tea as the beverage of choice at work tonight. :ghg:
  4. Time for Gainey to go

    Lawlz! +1 internets to you Kozed, bravo!
  5. Habs @ Canucks | Game Thread

    I was at the game. :puke: I'll talk more about it and post more pics after work, but for the meantime here's something to lighten the mood:
  6. Alexei Semenov

  7. Nothing To Do With Anything

    Or maybe he just needs more strength in his left hand.
  8. Habs @ Maple Leafs | Game Thread

    Oh, I've been checking the forum regularly for quite some time. I just usually don't bother posting. And I don't mind differing viewpoints and whatnot, but blatant trolling should be dealt with.
  9. Nothing To Do With Anything

    I already use Avast, so I don't really need a full-fledged anti-virus program. I also have Ad-Aware. I used Spybot to kill the rare few trojans and such which actually made it onto my computer.
  10. Habs @ Maple Leafs | Game Thread

    Mods, banhammer time?
  11. Nothing To Do With Anything

    *uninstalls Spybot* Any recommendations for a replacement program?
  12. Markov Injury Watch

    Hopefully nothing serious, I'll be pissed if he misses the western road trip and I don't get to see him play.
  13. Ever dreamed of being a NHL GM?

    Excellent. I'll start toying around and familiarizing myself with things tonight after I get off work. And no worries, just about everything I do is for the lulz. Bring it on Blaze! =P
  14. Ever dreamed of being a NHL GM?

    I have RAJALA?! #%&* YEAH! Anyways, yeah, I'm totally up for it. I've got lots of time to kill, so that won't be an issue. I work afternoons though, so I'll rarely be online during the evening. Email/PM is probably the best way to get a hold of me. By the way, which version of EHM are you guys using? I looked all over last night. =\