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  1. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Muzzin will be UFA next offseason as well I believe.
  2. Habs sign Sebastian Aho to offer sheet

    Dundon just confirmed to Pierre Lebrun that the Canes will match the offer sheet. That was fun while it lasted...
  3. Free Agent Frenzy

    Aho! Wow kudos to MB for having the stones to try this.
  4. Free Agent Frenzy

    Devils signed Wayne Simmonds, so at least we dodge that particular bullet.
  5. 13th Annual Regular season Prediction Contest

    35-31-8-8 78 points 5th in the division 10th in the conference 221 goals
  6. NHL trade deadline thread

    If Morrow can fetch a 4th and Reilly can fetch a 5th I have a hard time believing that Benn and, to a lesser extent, Schlemko would have no value. I get that moving Alzner would've been difficult, but with all our picks, he could've been packaged with one to a team with cap space to get the contract off the books. It's not that unheard of.
  7. NHL trade deadline thread

    So MB had Niemi, Benn, Schlemko, Alzner, Pacioretty, Shaw and more that he could've dealt, but he finishes the day having moved only Plekanec, Morrow and Jerabek. Very disappointing deadline from a very disappointing GM.
  8. NHL trade deadline thread

    And apparently we're done.... so Jerabek/Morrow out, Reilly in and Benn/Schlemko remain. Very underwhelming.
  9. NHL trade deadline thread

    Habs acquire Mike Reilly
  10. NHL trade deadline thread

    Morrow to the Jets apparently..... yawn.
  11. Injury news

    Looks like Price may have had a setback. He's speaking to media soon, but not skating today or tomorrow. Sounds ominous. Hopefully not a long-term injury, although Lindgren playing so well certainly helps soften the potential blow (somewhat).
  12. I think there's a better way to do this without making it seem that those wanting paper tickets are getting screwed. Especially when you're talking about a demographic (seniors) which is growing so rapidly. We now have more people in Canada who are over 65, then there are kids under 15. Why not keep the ticket prices the same, but offer a slight discount for individuals to receive them electronically. Puts the onus on people to make an environmentally friendly choice, without directly disadvantaging someone who might not have computer access or a level of comfort to take advantage of electronic tickets.
  13. Free Agent Day Thread

    Lets hope not. Thornton just re-upped with SJ for one year.
  14. Playoff Wishes

    Only one wish that matters, that I get to bring my son to Montreal in June to watch the cup parade along Ste. Catherine.
  15. Deadline Day GDT

    certainly doesn't inspire a ton of confidence for a deep run