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Orlando Cabrera Trade

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It's good to know that the MLB is keeping the Expos simply to make richer teams better. They take all the stars away, the ones the Expos picked up before they made it big.

This time, Cabrera who likes Montreal and encourages the fans to keep showing up to watch the young team (who he admits, gets screwed by the MLB) is traded for Alex Gonzalez.

Bad trade, and it's no surprise the Expos end up the loser in this one.


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Personally, I don't think it's too bad of a deal, since Cabrera wasn't going to be back at season's end anyways. (He rejected a multi-year extension earlier in the season, citing he wished to know where the team would be before signing a deal.)

Mind you, Gonzalez is a player on the decline, batting just .222 (which isn't much worse than Cabs), but he won't be back next season either (club option for $5M won't be picked up). Beltran seems to be a half-decent youngster, having pitched in 43 games already with the club this season, while Harris is just another body for Harrisburg.

So, for a potential rent-a-player in Cabrera, we got back a veteran in Gonzalez who can teach the youngsters (at least the defensive side of the game), and a pair of prospects. And, considering reports had him going to SF for just a single prospect, getting this return isn't too shabby IMO.

And personally, I feel Minnesota got the worst of this deal, getting just a minor league pitcher for Doug Mientkiewicz, a quality 1st baseman.

Player profiles (for those who are interested):



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