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Favourite movie of the year?

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Originally posted by Fanpuck33

I think everyone who sees Farenheit 9-11 should also see Farenhype 9-11, just to get the story from both sides.  Only hearing one side is never a good thing.  (And before people blast me watching FOXNews, I admit that is my first source of info, but not my only source.)

Interesting note though, the guy who did Farenhype worked on the Clinton administration, which surprised me.

The guy who made Farrenhype was Dick Morris, who was hired on the administration to be a "counterbalence" to opinions and to help deal with the Republican congress. He's a columnist for the NY Post, I think.

The movie itself was well done, if a bit exaggerated and hostile in points. I've found the responses to be even more hate filled than the film itself...comparing him to Gobbels and the like. I think it's very indicative of what the American media is now....soundbites and yelling and namecalling.

BUT, back to the movies...Eternal Sunshine was VERY good. Unique, well thought out, and made you think about your own life, and what you would do if you had the choice.

Probably my biggest disappointment of the year was Secret Window. Depp was very good, but it was just way too predictable. I figured out the ending half way through.

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Originally posted by Quebecois

Anyone seen Million Dollar Baby? I just saw it last night, it was amazing, it instantly made my top 10 movies of all time. I highly reccomend it.

Wow, when I saw this thread was bumped (before I read your post) that was exactly what I thought of. I saw it 2-3 weeks ago, great movie. Its going to win a few oscars for sure.

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Just saw the Aviator tonight, and if Aviator and Million Dollar Baby are the two contenders for best picture, i can't see how Aviator wins. It was a good movie, but it can't match Million Dollar Baby.

Butterfly effect really surprised me, i didn't have much expectations going in (probably because Ashton Kutcher is in it) but it was rather good.

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