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Gotta love Conan O'Brian

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One of the few shows that still make me laugh out loud like a moron :)

I hope he replaces Leno soon on the 11:35 pm time slot!

The guy just cracks me up every night and at least he doesn't make booring, lame jokes. Instead he laughs at the fact that the jokes blow...hehehe

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One of my favourite shows...

You gotta love a guy who is comfortable in insulting himself... self-deprecating humor rules!

My rankings of the big-4 late night shows...





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I like HIM (Conan) but his show blows... the skits & other things he does to kill time are REALLY unfunny 90% of the time.

There are exceptions... the insulting dog, Clinton & friends on the TV.

Good interviewer, definitely has his own style, self-depricating and all :)

Works well with his time slot but I'm not sure he'd be as goofy in the 11:35 timeslot... look at Letterman, he's pretty conservative compared to his days on the Late Late Show.

Gets on my nerves big-time with his annoying "we have a GREAT show tonight"... god is that getting old since about year 2?

Kilbourne is such a smug, full of himself snob he talks down to many guests and I want to beat him to a pulp every time.

Also VERY unfunny skits 99% of the time.

Sucks on interviews... has no strong point.

Leno is the better stand-up... awful interviewer.

Love headlines & hidden cam with Howie, the rest sucks.

Letterman the worst stand-up... great interviewer.

Has always found normal & some cast people to do skits, some were really funny a few years back.

Besides that "will it float", top 10 list, etc... al really weak. The interviews are his bread & butter.

Finally, don't know why the play bands at the end... never listen to 'em. Much prefer when they have a stand-up comedian at the end, it's a comedy show after all.

Surprisingly like the interviews on Later with Carson Daly... very good interviews, more talk less prepared bits & dumb questions.

I miss Snyder who was in Kilbourne's slot before, great in-depth interviews... very interesting. Really got to know the guests, finally.

I miss Bill Maher... funny and yet dealt with serious issues without pulling any punches.

To cancel his show to replace it with the biggest joke of a late night show in hte history of television with that doofus Kimble, no wonder ABC is a laughing stock.

I remember when SNL used to be good... has it been more than decade since then already? wow.

MADtv... better then SNL, that's not saying much.

And why is there nothing on TV Sunday nights?...

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I like Leno the Best followed by Conan. Don't usually watch the CBS shows but Kilbourne is by far the worst that I've seen, not funny at all.

Letterman is good too, just that i usually watch Leno so i never really see Letterman.

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But even if the skits on Conan aern't great he makes up for it by beeing pretty damn funny.

I love it when he just completely goes off topic of what he was supposed to do, lol

And what other show has the guest laughing their pants off the way they are with Conan? The guests seem more relaxed...

I agree big time with the Kilbourne thing: he's such a wannabe asshole that only has sluts on his show so he can do that annoying thing when they sit next to him: he gradually leans towards them and puts his arm around their chair...ugh I'd like to kick his ass too... he's the exact opposite of Conan

Nothing on Sunday nights? ---> The Simpsons! (even if the humour is becoming less and less intelligent and more slapstick....(like all good series begin to blow at one point)

And one of my fav's shows come up at midnight on sundays: ER! (the ONLY drama show I watch)

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If you want a good Sunday show watch Trailer Park Boys on showcase...

That is probably my favourite show right now...

Its freaking hilarious. Its basically about 2 friends who live in a trailer park (duh) and have their lifes videotaped (for a documentary) ...... They live their normal lifes , commiting crimes , getting drunk and eating chicken fingers...

Hard to explain but I strongly suggest watching it.

9:30PM Sundays (est) on Showcase. (repeats at 12:30am)


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