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OK, strange request, but kinda interesting

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OK, you guys heard about the Elian Gonzalez thing a few years back, eh?

Yeah, wish I could forget about it too.

But, anyway, living in Florida, our paper had constant coverage of the event (Meaning, just about every page for 6 months). So, interestingly, there was one picture one time, with a volunteer or something folding Elian's clothes.

Stick with me...

The shirt he was found in was...A Montreal Canadiens shirt. Might be because of Canadian charities, or Canadian visitors (Since there's a lack of American both, with the embargo etc.), but I thought of it as kinda odd. And I was wondering if anyone else here saw that photo and knows where it is online? I'm close to going to see microfilm to find it.

Thanks in advance for help.:)

[Edited on 2005/3/7 by Habsfan21]

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