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Spider-Man NL

Jason Ward answers Spidey's question in Bulldogs chat

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A few days ago, on the Bulldogs website, I summited a question to Jason Ward hoping he would answer it in yesterday's Bulldogs Chat...... I checked in on it today and to my surprise he answered it. :/) here is the url plus all the questions that was asked ( My queston is in bold).



Welcome to the Bulldogs Chat with Jason Ward.

Question: Hey Jason, I was wondering, what is your favorite childhood memory? Thanks, Alex

Alex, Montreal

Jason: My favorite memory has to be playing hockey on the pond or on the street with my friends. Playing in the OMHA championships as a Pee Wee also ranks right up there.

Question: Jason, When you were the AHL MVP a few years ago you were the dominant Offensive guy in the league...then you went to Montreal, where they asked you to be more of a role player...a 3rd or 4th line guy. How hard has it been to adjust to being back in the AHL with the expectation of lots of Offence?

Matt Bazinet, Hamilton

Jason: It is a transformation to think defensively then coming back and playing an offensive role. Mainly, it is about confidence though. At the beginning of the year I had lost a bit of confidence, but I have really started to gain a lot of it back. Also, there is a noticeable difference in talent in the AHL from 2 years ago, which makes it a tougher league to play in.

Question: I am a long time Bulldogs' supporter and fan. Thank you for all your efforts this season helping the Bulldogs compete within a very strong AHL North Division. Have you noticed a better level of competition this season compared to your previous season's? Also, could you comment on the AHL level of play as compared to the NHL.

David Williams Burlington, Ontario

Jason: There has definitely been an increase in the level of play this season, mainly because of the lockout. This year, there are a lot of guys in the league that would normally be playing in the NHL.

The leagues are very similar, but the biggest difference would be the talent level and the way guys think on the ice. The speed of the game is pretty close and most first or second liners in the AHL can play in the NHL. It is basically just a numbers game with limited available roster spots on NHL teams.

Question: When you were a kid, which hockey player did you look up to as a role model?

Jennifer, Hamilton!

Jason: My biggest role model was Wendel Clark. His grittiness and work ethic had a big impression on me, not too mention I was a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan growing up.

Question: I am a Die hard Habs fan and to prove it I got a tatoo of a dragon spewing flames and the Habs logo surviving the heat. I got the tatoo on august 20th 2005. I had hope than that a deal would get done and you would be playing in the NHL. I have followed the Bulldogs since I moved to Burlington in 2001. I have been to some live games and I was there for the longest playoff game in AHL history. My question is how far do you think the Bulldogs will go in the playoffs this year. I believe that you will make the playoff this year so how do you think the dog's will fare againts Rochester.

Richard Byng, Port Colborne

Jason: Obviously it is a tight race, but I think we have a great chance to get into the playoffs. If we do make the playoffs, we should have a good chance at coming out of our division. As for Rochester, they're a really good team, but we have played them tough all season. If we do play them in the playoffs it should be a good series.

Question: With the playoffs getting closer and us being 1 point out, how do you think this will influence the way you guys play? Also having 2 big weekend sets last weekend against St.Johns and then this weekend against Edmonton, how do you think it will influence you guys?

Josh, Hamilton

Jason: We control our own destiny right now. The great thing about this league is that at the end of the season you have a lot of divisional games. This lets you decide your own fate. Though we haven't played many different opponents during the course of the year, it really gives an accurate picture of how well the teams in your own division line-up.

Spidey's Question: Hi Jason, First of all I'd like to say good luck on the playoff run. My question is; Last year you spent the entire season with the Montreal Canadiens, what was it like having two Newfies (Langdon & Ryder) on the team?

Jason Pardy, Goulds, Newfoundland

Jason: They are both great guys and are a lot of fun to have in the dressing room. It was great to see Ryder have the success he did last season after rooming with him for a couple of years in Quebec with the Citadelles. Langdon was a great guy to have on the team. I have a lot of respect for the physical role that he plays and witnessed it first hand while spending time on his line last season.

Question: Jason what was the best NHL moments you have ever had?

Jason Nguyen, Montreal

Jason: The best NHL moment I had was in the playoffs in game three against Boston last season. Standing on the ice for the anthems before the game gave me chills. It was such an amazing experience being in Montreal during the playoffs. Also, scoring my first NHL goal in my first NHL game in New York against the Rangers stands out in my mind.

Question: What is it like being Captain of the Bulldogs?

Cody law, Grimsby

Jason: It was an honour to be named Captain at the beginning of the year. As Captain, I like to work hard on the ice and lead by example. It is a job that takes a lot of responsibility and the ability to communicate with your coaches, fellow players and officials.

Question: Which is your favourite team to play at home and away?

Sue, Hamilton

Jason: At home, I like to play any team in our own division because there is always added importance in the standings and a rivalry that comes with the game. As for teams on the road, I would have to say Albany because I had a hat trick there in the past.

Question: Jay your play has been picking up a lot lately but got to admit you miss benoit gratton a lot.

Bob, Hamilton

Jason: I definitely miss Benoit because we played really well together when he was here. He was a great leader and I learned the components of being a Captain from his actions on and off the ice during his time here.

Question: Do you miss having the split affiliation with the Edmonton Oilers? How does it feel to play against guys that were on your team?

Krystal, Steel City

Jason: It was a time in my career that I will never forget, culminating in game seven of the Calder Cup Finals. If you look at both rosters and combined them again this season, it would be a pretty great team. It is always fun playing against guys that you played with in the past. The competition is great and it is really fun having the bragging rights after you beat them.

Question: At what age did you start to play hockey?

Blake, Burlington

Jason: I started playing hockey at the age of four in Chapleau, Ontario. We played four times a year, twice in Wawa and then they came to play us twice. The rest of the time we just practiced.

Question: Do you you have nay certain things you like to do before every game to make sure u have a good one? If so what are they? Thanks Jason!

Brandon Barrett, Salmdom Arm,B.C

Jason: I always like to prepare my sticks before each game, making sure they are ready to go. I always like to get a good stretch in to prepare for three or more periods of hockey.

Question: Hi Jason. Would you consider playing for the Canadiens as A replacement? I would watch or go see some games as long as the owners don't jack up the ticket price.

Pierre Belliveau, Moncton,N.B.

Jason: No, I wouldn't consider being a replacement player. I hope it doesn't come to that and that both sides can come to an agreement. Then we can go back to the best players playing in the best league.

Question: Much has been made about Claude Julian's defensive style. How would you characterize his coaching style and considering Montreal is a skating team is it really the right system considering the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team that play a highly offensive style, won the Stanley Cup?

Rich Braley, Burlington Ont.

Jason: Claude does a great job at getting the most out of his players. It is a defensive style that still lets players use their offensive abilities. It just makes sure that we don't forget about the defensive side of the game, but still lets us use our creative abilities.

Question: What centreman have you enjoyed playing alonside most in your time in the AHL? Gratton comes to mind obviously, and you've had a little time with Plekanec, but what about guys like Landry, Darby and Ribeiro with the Citadelles? Thanks.

Glen Rycroft, Paris

Jason: I had the most success with Benoit, but besides that I have played with a lot of great Centreman. Another that comes to mind, aside from the ones mentioned above, is Steve Ott. He is a hard worker and is definitely entertaining to play along side because he does a lot of trash talking during the game.

Question: When fans call you by name at a game do you like it and can you hear it when you're on the ice and do you see them cheer for you? You are my favourite player and have been for the last coupe of years. I have been to Rochester to watch you guys and Toronto and I get very excited when your playing and when you score. I get very proud of you coz "your my boy" and I always say "ats ma boy" when you score. You're the best Jason, keep up the good work!

Debbie, Burlington

Jason: During the game, you are taught to keep your mind below the boards. I appreciate the enthusiasm and encouragement of the fans and I will keep working hard and score as many goals as I can.

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Cool spidey

Go Ward!

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Question: When you were a kid, which hockey player did you look up to as a role model?  

Jennifer, Hamilton!  

Jason: My biggest role model was Wendel Clark. His grittiness and work ethic had a big impression on me, not too mention I was a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan growing up.  


Trade him :)

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Originally posted by puck7x


Trade him :)


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