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Permanent Rumour Thread

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1 hour ago, Commandant said:


If you think he and his agent aren't shooting for the moon, after the last deal massively underpaid him, you are deluding yourself. 


He's looking for a home run here, and if he doesn't get it from the Habs (or whatever team he is playing with next season), he is going to July 1st. 


There is almost zero chance he signs any deal that is a home town discount in dollars or term. 


There have been many rumours over the years that Pacioretty is looking for his next deal to be a big one... and the fact that he fired the agent who negotiated his last deal less than a year into it, is compelling evidence that he isn't happy with his current contract. 

Sounds an awful lot like a player many wanted to toss blank cheque at last off-season but he went to warmer climate, team with couple better forwards and with no taxs.

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