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HabsWorld is an idea emerging from Habs (Montreal Canadiens, National Hockey League NHL) fans. Recognized to be one of the most passionated sports fans, this network was made BY and FOR Habs fans all over the world. Feel free to visit and join our community, or simply read about every detail who are going on the wonderful Habs life!

Habs fans from many hockey boards have joined the HabsWorld project in May by registering to the new powerful Habs forum available (released - May 2003). We hope to build, within this community, the best up-to-date fan website.

The goal of the HabsWorld project is the creation of a professional looking website, created by and for habs fans. We now have all the static content we need (history texts, players bio..). . Surf the site and you'll find more about the website project and the things you could do to help this ultimate fan project.

Join the team of collaborators! (you can contact us, or we'll contact you) We have already near a dozen of collaborators. There's plenty of things to do from writing and translating to collecting content.

- <a href="http://www.habsworld.net/forum/viewthread.php?tid=57">HW Forum Guidelines</a>

- <a href="http://www.habsworld.net/forum/viewthread.php?tid=56&page=#pid282">HW Forum Tips</a>

- The HW Team

<b><i>Posted June 16th 2003</b></i>

<i>Updated: Jan 2nd 2005</i>


Website Launched : http://www.habsworld.net/index.php

[Edited on 2005-1-3 by puck7x]

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