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Washington @ Habs: GAME 4

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I read somewhere that he's on a preliminary short list of candidates for the Jackets, though the Habs would have to give him permission to talk to them first. Heck, that may be better off for Boucher, go learn the ups and downs of the league first...then come to Montreal (fewer growing pains that way).

Good to know he's at least on Howson's radar. For Boucher, I think it would be a great career move. Columbus is a perfect team for him. He's known as an excellent teacher and most of his experience is with younger players. He'd be great for Mason, Voracek, Brassard, Russell, Filatov, etc. Unless you're already looking ahead to your 2nd NHL coaching gig, Montreal is not a good place to begin an NHL coaching career.

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Here's the start of a fix: Package the Kosty sisters for a REAL winger: size, some skill, lots of sandpaper. I have no prob with Gomez, Gio, and Cammy - and to a lesser extent Plex. But with those four, you need to add 2 BIG guys. Pouliot doesn't play big - yet. Kosty is a nancypants. Get one mean SOB for Gomez and Gio and then find another for Plex Cammy. Then we need two other lines. We're >< THAT close. *snicker*

Okay, we need a real defense as well.

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