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So this morning my dog gets let outside as she normally would, except this time she decides to go after a skunk. Well of course she got sprayed, came in the house, ran all over the house, and the entire house stinks.

So i can't wait to get to school, because the house smells so bad that i was choking on the stench. It turns out, the smell decided to latch on to me, as if it was some sort of entity, and it stunk up the entire school. Everywhere i went in the school it smelt like skunk. People who hadnt even seen me yet had smelt Skunk in other areas of the school where i had been. Anyways i wrote a test and at 11:30 i got the hell outta there, it was awful.

This has happened before (my dog killed a skunk), but the smell never lactched on to me like this. I guess i'll try washing myself with tomato juice, anyone else have any suggestions?

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My sympathies...

Happened to me before, but I did not have to go to school.

And that is a reason why I hate Tomato Juice to this day.

I will try to remember an alternative and get back to you.

Good Luck

(watch out for Porcupines - that sucks too) lol


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Ground coffee is pretty good at getting out bad odours. It worked wonders after a gas leak in my car. You could try that around the house instead of tomato juice.

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An Update:

I tried washing myself in Vinegar, i heard it helped on the Internet. Since my whole family smells, and the house smells, we couldn't really tell whether it worked or not. So i went to a baseball tryout and it seemed to be a lot better. A couple of friends who knew what had happened got the odd whiff of the stench, but on a whole it was quite a bit better. I figure another couple vinegar showers should do it.

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