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9 hours ago, Commandant said:


The last thing (and this is important for the Habs), teams only had one year to plan for expansion.  They didn't know the rules.  Now GMs have 2-3 years to know what they will be facing, and can manipulate their rosters well in advance.


This wasn't from Gilman, but my on though on how this applies to two players on the Habs... Kotkaniemi and Suzuki.  The Habs are better off putting Suzuki in the OHL, where he won't accumulate a year of pro experience... and Kotkaniemi in Finland... where he won't accumulate a year of pro experience (he would in the AHL)... under the old expansion draft rules.  Depending when Seattle comes in, this is the difference between protecting the players or them being exempt from the draft and giving us more protection slots. 


Great post.

I have been trying to keep tabs on players and line-ups with the expansion in mind. A way to pass the time : guessing who would be on the CH protection list


snd like your notes say, it is a good strategy for team to think about this a couple of years ahead of time

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12 hours ago, Machine of Loving Grace said:

And finally, to bring this back to the Habs, Montreal gave Nashville Sebastien Bordeleau to they wouldn't select Peter Popovic, who the Habs would trade less than a month later to the New York Rangers for a fifth round pick. Bordeleau had one good season with Nashville and was gone. Who did the Predators take instead? Tomas Vokoun, who is still the second best goalie in Predators history, behind only Rinne.



And to keep it with the Habs, Bordeleau is now a skills consultant with Montreal.

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