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Cammalleri Traded to Calgary

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Eric Cole?


Yeah, well, the Cole of 2011 would be just what the doctor ordered. The only justification for that trade was the proposition that Cole is washed-up. So far, that does seem to be the case.

If we can copyright size I think we'll increase our chances at winning the Cup quite considerably.

Sigh. Stupid computer.

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In the last 15 years, there have been only 4 players who have scored 30 or more goals for the habs. Kovy, Ryder (twice), Zednik and Rechhi. I think this is an indictment more on management of the te

moving cammi was NOT the answer. I'm not expecting a good return - sure hope I'm wrong.

Cammy scored 39 in Calgary. 27 goals in Calgary translates to around 15 or 17 in Montreal. AK46 scored playing as 3rd/4th liner for two years. Bourque's production was on the 1st/2nd line, playing

Fact is, we need *both* offence and grit. The loss of Ryder remains significant from the 'goals-for' point of view; that's a gaping hole in the lineup. As for size/grit, I don't think we're as badly off at forward in this respect as the Ottawa series suggested, but every little bit of extra muscle helps. A guy like Horton would be great in terms of killing both birds with one stone, but more likely it's going to be a piecemeal kind of thing. Ultimately, we need, in order, (a) a rugged bona-fide top-6 defensive defenceman (b) a scoring winger © size and ruggedness up front.

If we can copyright size I think we'll increase our chances at winning the Cup quite considerably.

HAHAHAHA I'd much rather copyright "scoring winger" then...

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