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Draft Night, Round One

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I hope we don't trade Subban.

Maguire and Button just discussed us moving up to grab number 2 if Yak falls to grab both him and Gally at 3.

I wonder if Columbus would trade the pick for one of our young d-men and perhaps next year 1st?

That is IF the Oilers draft Murray 1st overall.

This is my secret hope. Beaulieu, Kristo and next year's 1st round pick for the 2nd overall pick. Grab Yakupov and Galchenyuk. Sign me up!

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That would be a really bad choice. Galyenchuk may be there, Forsberg (i don't like here either) but still a better choice than Teraveinan. Plus Defensively you could get murray, Dumba or Reinhart. Th

Bah, you always hear these kind of tantalizing scenarios on draft day. Ignore the chatter. We're not getting Yapukov.

And already, Draft Day is more exciting than the Trade Deadline!

I got a beer ready to celebrate.

And three other beers waiting for disappointment.

good idea..gonna go get mine right now....Guiness here I come

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Alright, now please habs, pick Grigs or Galchenyuk

Really? A commercial between each pick?

Not Grigs

Murray Gally or Foppa or trade down.

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Let's hope Howsen screws up & goes off the board to put us into number 2 range.

I can't believe he has not been fired yet./

Yes Habs get GALLY!!!!!!

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