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2016-17 NHL Season Thread

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1 hour ago, hab29RETIRED said:

well. the preds themselves see it differently.  Otherwise, why would they suddenly not allow Subban to talk to the media after game 5 - despite protests that were filed by the media?  


I'm glad you know what the Preds were thinking.  Congrats on the new job as the replacement for Kreskin. 


Here's the new narrative.  The Preds team became unmotivated after Subban was muzzled, and thus didn't score any goals in the last two games. Makes as much sense as the poking the bear narrative. 



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4 hours ago, Machine of Loving Grace said:

Crosby was already playing well against Josi. Nothing changed.


I have a lot of respect for Laviolette, probably my favourite coach going today. But he should have put Subban against Crosby when it was clear that he was tearing Josi apart. Crosby was getting dummied anytime Subban and Ekholm were on the ice. He should have tried it, even if it might have freed up Malkin and Kessel.


Oh well. Onto next year. The Predators got a lot of kids in their system. I wonder how close Carrier and Murphy are to playing on the third pair.


(Honestly if you believe in the Crosby motivation narrative it says so... So much about how gullible you are when watching hockey. Just saying, Bergevin loves fans like you.)

And Nashville loves bandwagon fans like yourself. Just saying, most people here don't care how Nashville does next season. 

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