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Oct. 10, Home Opener, Chicago vs Montreal

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23 hours ago, sim.on said:

The sample size is too small to draw any conclusions about this team. The regular season started less than a week ago.

I say 10 more games in and we will have a much more accurate picture.

That sounds reasonable but I think what I'm looking for is immediate emotional satisfaction. :mellow:

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13 hours ago, DON said:

Well, I think that was 1st time Galchenyuk was soundly booed by home crowd. What is going on with him, he is worse than bad and making passes to no-one or directly to opponent...every game so far? He had 5:10 on the PP and made nothing happen.

I think he's selling the legalized dope as a good thing idea.

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6 hours ago, Link67 said:

It is literally impossible to continue out-shooting opponents, out-chancing them, and continuing to fire blanks game after game.


This looks more to me like a mental hurdle, across many planes on this team, I see a lot of good things without the results, and I am not saying that in a Therrien way. Were getting up the ice, we're pressuring, creating opportunities, and not getting the goals. We can go on until we're blue in the face about Puck Moving Dmen, but the straight truth is, you can't generate the shots and chances we are generating without being able to transition the puck from your zone to theirs.


What we are seeing is a team playing well, dominating stretches of the games they have played except 1, and ultimately seeing the opposition score opportunistically while we are literally snake bit. What we are seeing is the Media and Fans a like, already judging this team based on 4 games out of 82. Now imagine if you take some of the best teams in the league the last 3 or 4 years, grabbed a sample size of their worst 5 game stretch during the season, and judged them as a team for it. How wrong do you think that judgment would be for all those teams I wonder?


In what world is it even logical to make a judgment on a team after 4 games, in what world is it not Lunacy to shout abandon ship after a 4 game sample for any Hockey Club? This team could literally bust out of the pathetic statistical anomaly they find themselves in as pertaining to shots, scoring chances, and goals scored. We can open the flood gates suddenly, Price can suddenly steal a game or 2, and before you know it, we could easily end up back over .500 in less than 2 weeks and all this squaking about rebuilds and talentless rosters is exactly that, a whole lot of squaking and feathers flying, but not a whole lot of sense.


It is way too early folks, take an advil and give it 2 months, then we can see what we really have to work with here. Even Chicago managed to look like the worst team in the league for a 4 game stretch last season...

Hahahaha..we're such a gaggle of goofs.... that said.. can we have an execution or two!? :)

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