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World Juniors/Spengler Cup Discussion Thread

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6 hours ago, dlbalr said:

Mete will report back to the Habs on Friday which falls after the date that Canada is announcing their Olympic team.  It looks like he'll be up for the rest of the year.

This season is done.  Why let him get to 40 games and move up in the draft, when we are going to miss the playoffs anyways???  Do what the leafs did when they kept Marner and Nylander out to get a better draft position and iced a lineup they probably couldn’t win in the AHL.


I don’t know if it’s its a positive, or an embarrassment, but with Weber out, Mete may be our best Dman.



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20 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

I'm certainly not saying the kid should be drawn and quartered. He made a mistake, and apparently the medal was returned to him.


However, I think people are confusing the nature of competitiveness, and implying that the Habs' current woes are a result of not having enough guys with an attitude like that.


Of all the great Montreal Canadiens, the only one I can think of who would have done something like that was Patrick Roy - the same guy who flipped the bird to the crowd and stomped off the team in a temper-tantrum that he has regretted ever since.


Bob Gainey, Ken Dryden, Larry Robinson, Maurice Richard, Henri Richard, Jean Beliveau - none of them would have done that. Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Mark Messier, Sidney Crosby - none of them would have done that either. For such players, a kind of internal discipline is part and parcel of what made them successful. The same is true of the best, championship-calibre players on the current team, i.e., Carey Price and Shea Weber. If you don't think those guys are intense competitors, then you're not paying attention. Heck, I don't think PK Subban, the other championship-calibre player the Habs have produced in the last decades, would act like that either. (The idea that he is a selfish punk has always been subliminal-racist nonsense.)


It is a false binary, then, to say that UNLESS you act like a childish baby when you lose, you are not a competitor.


No one is going to believe this, but I've read several articles over the years remarking that Pacioretty deeply wants to win and takes the responsibility for the team's losing on his own shoulders. That is part of the reason he is playing so badly now that the Habs have surrounded him with human garbage. It's killing him.


The Habs aren't losing because they lack character, let alone losing because they don't have enough childish babies who act out in public when they lose. They're losing because they suck.


Okay CC I can hear what you say yet I feel to say false binary is kinda strong.

I played a bit of hockey and I was welcomed to try other (urban) sports as a kid. I feel mostly because there is no way you would mistake me for any of the players you mentioned. I'm not saying I'm as good (or better) as any of them (my name isn't Lavar), just that on the bench or in play you could always hear me chirping (or deflating pucks a la Brady). I wasn't really falling in the mold quite right. I had a lot of nasty when we lost and sometimes when we won too.

Maybe that's why I think CP didn't do anything wrong by not waving to the crowd even if it was after a win. I like to see a bit more of that honest, raw emotions from athletes on my favorite team. Maybe it's selfish in a sense, I feel my team is more like me then. 

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Scouts always look for kids who hate to lose. 

Andersson shows how much he actually hates to lose and gets crucified for it (not saying you CC, saying twitter, other areas of the media, etc...). 

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