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Sylvain Lefebvre has been fired

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Before the end of this season, I would have bet anything that Lefebvre would swap positions with Daigneault, so Bergevin didn't get any blood on his hands and none of his buddies lost a paycheck.  


Well if Syl is truly gone that is a step in the right direction.  Too many people have excused his team's poor records. In the past pundits said he wasn't helping to develop any/many prospects; this season when the Habs needed so many players called up some were saying Lefebvre should get some credit.   


Bottom line I believe Sylvain is a poor coach.  Any worthy coach can get the most out of the players he has, season after season.  I can understand that not every high level coach can produce a winning team out of a less than stellar roster, but someone with good coaching skills should at least get a contending team out of a hockey team at least once in a 6 year span.  Alas, Sylvain did not, so now he's gone.  I hope the Habs will hire a good junior level coach like Dominique Ducharme or Benoit Groulx, before Tampa hired him to coach their AHL team. 

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