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Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

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On 21/11/2018 at 8:45 PM, DON said:


Good God!

Another game where looks like Petry and 5 borderline NHL d-men in front of Price.

Benn is coughing up puck, deflecting shots on and whacking Price with stick.

Oulette is just horrible.


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40 minutes ago, Habopotamus said:


I was watching a recorded game and noticed afterwards a couple other earlier almost identical posts. Is almost a disgrace to see some of these d-men wearing a Habs jersey, like chickens with heads cut off making minor hockey mistakes.

If they just kept it simple, stop running around and focused on defending, would be a good start. I dont think Reilly knows his limitations and sees himself as a better player than he really is.


I really liked the one where there was so much room between the 2 d that the Devil forward almost seemed surprised and simply kept on skating down middle of ice and in on Price untouched.


But, Oulette must of had his pocket picked 1/2 dozen times and was just so weak around his own net, seemed clueless where was supposed to or who to cover...but covering no one and screening Price shouldnt be his go-to option.

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