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Apr. 4, Habs vs Capitals, 7 PM

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8 hours ago, Habsfan said:

Gentlemen, I have to say this has been a good discussion!


ON a different note, what really worries me for next year is that we had 7 players who had CAREER years in 2018-2019. What are the odds they will have career years again in 2019-2020?

Will Domi put up another 70 point season?

Will Gallagher score 30 again?

Will Danault get 50 points and dominate in the faceoff circle?

Will Tatar score 25 and get 60 points?


Also, the Habs were spared major injuries to key players this year (With the exception of Weber). Will we be as lucky next year?


Lastly, Can Bergevin find that elusive d-man to play with Weber or maybe find another top 6 forward?


A few tweaks could ut us over the top for next year, but nothing is guaranteed yet!


Yes 7 players had career years


Domi is young enough it could be seen as a breakthrough.  Maybe not 70, but can he do 65 again

Gallagher is third in the NHL for xG at 5v5. Its his second straight 30 goal year. No reason he cant again

Danault will depend on how much icetime he loses to KK

Tatar probably drops a little


That said


The PP was god-awful and is unlikely to be that bad again

KK should improve in his second year

We may get more out of our backup goalie than Niemi gave

Mete could score some goals

What will Suzuki, Poehling, Brook, Juulsen, and any other young players bring to the team? in short stretches or long ones?

Will Drouin do more? He's young enough to get better still.


All of those would be improvements too.


So no, I don't see this as the max of the team.


I expect to be in the playoffs next year, with a couple of little tweeks (mainly LHD and the PP)

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