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Jayden Struble, LD, pick 46

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I'm not sure any of us are in any position to be disappointed about draft picks.  It's darts on a board with these kids.  That's why such a huge percentage of college players make the league. They mature and end up making it late, when they can be assessed better.

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A bit surprised on this one.  Especially with Matthew Robertson and Vladislav Kolyachonok still there.  Heck Kokkonen went in the 3rd.  I thought I read a tweet or rumor prior to the draft that Habs were high on this kid though.  I haven't heard much about until about a week ago.  Hope it works out.

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As mentioned above, it is a big gamble for most of these kids.

From what I’ve seen of him( only videos since the draft) he does move well in all direction, stick handle well and seems composed with the puck.

Obv small sample size to view and against unknown competition so again insert dart board analogy.


Comments about him point towards a dman that I personally like (physical, offensive, aggressive) so I will be following his development path thanks to HabsWorld and the great coverage of habs prospects made available through the site.

it would suck to be a fan of other teams and have much more limited access to information. 


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