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Claim to fame

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What is your claim to fame?

I found out that the only other Habs fan in my ice hockey rink is married to a lady whose last name is "Getzlaf"

Yes, the same Getzlaf surname that was drafted in the first round by Anaheim.

I think it's nephew once removed, or something like that. Their kids are his 2nd cousins.

Anyways, that's all. Does anyone know someone who was drafted?

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well my great-grandfather won a stanley cup with the 1900 Montreal Shamrocks. Clearly i inherited none of that talent as i can barely skate :?-

(Woops didnt realize you were talking about draft only players...in that case no i don't know anyone :) )

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I played hockey & baseball with Mario Larocque when we were kids, he was drafted 16th overall in '96 by Tampa Bay.

He's a defenseman who's best stats are in PIM.

A year or 2 after being drafted he played a few games at defense with Tampa... then was sent down and we haven't seen him since.

I don't know if he's become a career minor leaguer or has quit hockey all together.... this is the latest info I have on him:


He played for Claude Julien with the Hull Olympiques, and was then won the memorial cup together in 96-97.... the year before that, 95-96, Theo and Dwyer were his teammates in Hull, but they weren't there in '97 for the Memorial Cup win.

Edit: I just found a site saying he was signed as a free-agent by Buffalo in 2001...


Edit #2: Now I find he was in the ECHL in 2003... playing for the "Wheeling Nailers" lol, I swear.


Game Story

WHEELING, West Virginia (Ticker) -- Mario Larocque scored twice and Tyler MacKay stopped 42 shots to help the Wheeling Nailers beat the Cincinnati Cyclones, 3-2. Larocque opened the scoring on the power play with 9:15 remaining in the second period and added his 16th marker of the season 2:16 later for a 2-0 advantage.

Well now I know, he's still playing hochey after all.


P.S. For those who are interested:


Mario Larocque - Tampa Bay Lightning #71, R, AK sz 56, 1999-00 preseason with NHL 2000 patch sewn on left chest. Exhibits moderate game wear with several thick board burns showing on both sleeves. Good hack mark near logo patch on right shoulder. Semi-washed out bloodstains above shoulder patch on left shoulder. Some general filth and light stick and puck marks showing on white portion of front hem. Stitching at back of neck torn, but not separated and remains un-repaired. Some hack marks showing on lower portion of back #1. Two tape residue marks on far left side of white body stripe above back hem. Block style CCM along with NHL shield in millennium silver on back right hem. Comes with LOA on Lightning stationery. $350

Who the hell would pay 350$ for a torn jersey of a player who ended up in the ECHL?.. hehe


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My only claim to fame is knowing Garth Snow, but that's after he got drafted. I got to know him while he was with the Cornwall Aces...as I played rec hockey at the rink across from the Civic Centre there. (I also curled at the rink right next to it as well). I met him through a guy from my hometown, who was drafted by the Rangers, and also played for the Aces, Mike Hurlbut. I think Mike has pretty much bounced around between teams in the minors. Mike had a twin brother Matt, but he never played after high school.

As far as any current draftees...nope, I know none of 'em.

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Well......there are 3 for me....

I grew up with Andrew Brunette.....played with and against him for many years

I played against Brian Savage for 2 years in high school

And Yvon Labre, the Capitals only retired jersey is my dad's second cousin

don't know anyone in current draft either

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