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member: Those avatars, how do you get 'em to work??

sakiqc: alright.. in the forum, click "Control Panel" on the top right of the page

member: ya I know that part, but I dont understand the rest

sakiqc: ok. are you there? i'll show you how

member: ya

sakiqc: ok.. click Edit profile

sakiqc: go down the page to Avatar URL:

member: k

sakiqc: then you have to copy&paste the link to the image

sakiqc: exmple, mine is http://www.ualberta.ca/~jkanungo/Habs/komidark.jpg

member: how do you put it on a page?

sakiqc: ok, easy

sakiqc: go there http://www.imageshack.us/

member: ok

sakiqc: click Browse and select the picture on your computer

member: k

sakiqc: then click "host it"

sakiqc: then copy the link next to "Direct link to image"

member: k

member: and paste?

sakiqc: yep


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ok... here's the bare-bones method.

Open "Paint" (it's in start->accessories)

open your picture

click on image->stretch/skew

now you can 'stretch' the picture smaller by putting in a number smaller than 100 (just make sure to stretch horizontal and vertical by the same amount, or else it won't look right).

Once it's small enough (you can eyeball it against avatars that are on the site), save it to a new filename.

Now load it into imageshack.us

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Every new member should get a How-To tutorial email on anything that is frequently asked like avatars.

Might be a pain to set up, but it might save sakiqc the tedium of saying it again and again.

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Originally posted by Trizzak
Originally posted by TheBigRedC

How do you post?


LOL, yeah because I think it was BigRed in my example.. "ya, k, k, ok.." hehe

Good idea about the tutorial. It'd be time consuming though. Still, there's lot of answers in the "About HW / Help / Suggestions / Introductions" sub-forum. Pretty much everything on this board is basic anyways. If someone has a question, I hope he isn't affraid to ask it on this sub-forum, or email one of the mods.

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