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Hello Habs World! I accidentally found this site and I'm glad I did. I had no idea so many people loved the Habs. I've been a fan all my life. I'm going to see 10 Habs games this year (bought the 10-game pack). I already saw the first two against the Sens and Leafs, and I'm going to see them BEAT the Bruins tomorrow night! Can't wait to chat with you all real soon. Lates!

Your forum name: Phhoenyxx

Your real name: Adam Wahhab (Yes, the second half of my last name is habs.)

Your age: 24 (That's the number of Stanley Cups we have, but I'm turning 25 in January, and I'm asking for #25!)

Where your from: Born in Montreal. Lived in Brossard all my life.

How you found this site: By accident.

How you became a habs fan: I was born a Habs fan!

Fav. All time habs: In history, Guy Lafleur. In my life-time (growing up) St├ęphane Richer.

Fav. Current habs: Richard Zednik

Fav. Habs Prospect: Guillaume Latendresse

Fav. All Time habs Goalie: Patrick Roy

Team(s) you dislike the most: Any city that doesn't deserve a team!

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