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Hello All,

I've been reading this site since this offseason and find that many share my passion for and opinion of the habs....so I've finally signed up.

More posts to follow, but I'd like to open by saying that I am not one bit surprised that TSN's power rankings ranked the Leafs #2....albeit ridiculous

Also, with Thornton out and the habs hungry for a home victory....I'll eat my HAT if they don't win tonight


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Great to have you here. We can never have too many 'Bluenoser's":D


And just incase, I hope you have a webcam because if god forbid the Habs lose tonight I am sure there are a number of people here that would LOVE to watch you eat your hat.;)

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Of course we'd watch him eat his hat -- but you won't have to will you now CB? Tsk tsk David, no negative thinking!

Habs 4 Beans 0

(is it a fedora?)

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