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Game Thread| Philadelphia vs. Canadiens | 10/25/05

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flyers200.gif <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/Jason/Game%20Thread/VS.gif> montreal200.gif

flyers50.gif4-3-0 : 8 Points (9th in the Eastern Conference)

montreal50.gif6-2-0 : 12 Points (4th in the Eastern Conference)

Projected goalies for this game are:

1553.gif# 42 Robert Esche (2-2-0), 3.03 GAA flyers50.gif

montreal50.gif# 60 Jose Theodore (5-2-0), 3.01 GAA 0198.gif

Flyers Roster


Canadiens Roster


<P align="center">


Perezhogin - Koivu - Kovalev

Plekanec - Ribeiro - Ryder

Bulis - Bonk - Begin

Dagenais - Higgins - Dandenault


Souray - Komisarek

Markov - Rivet

Bouillon - Streit


Jose Theodore




This game can be seen 7:00pm eastern on <img src=http://www.jeuxete2003.com/menu/logo_RDS.gif> & <img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/Jason/Game%20Thread/TSN.jpg>


Listen to the game live on CJAD 800 AM

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ahhhhhhh bad news guys : i'll be doing my MIDTERM tomorrow nite so i'll miss the game... unless i finish my midterm very fast and get back home to watch it haha~

so have a nice game everyone~ cheer for me ;) hehe

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Originally posted by Tony

Obligatory go habs go post.

I see this at every game. One thing for sure, you are faithful to your habits. :)


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Originally posted by TheBigRedC

The TBRC official prediction, brought to you by Dagwoods.

Habs 6 (Kovalev,Ryder(2), Ribeiro, Bulis, Markov)

Flyers 1 (Gange)

Nothing like tons of confidence.

I can't see the Flyers scoring only one goal. 3 or 4 maybe but certainly not 1.

Keep in mind that the Gagné-Forsberg connection is connecting with regularity.

Also, keep in mind that our team is still in the process of learning how NOT to take so many penalties.

Put those two things together and you have a potential recipe for more than 1 goal.

I still believe that Montreal has the ability to win this one. At worst, they and the Flyers are pretty well even. Philadelphia has a better goals for/against record than Montreal but Montreal has two more games played and they're both victories.

Should be a very closely matched game, one to potentially keep us on the edge of our seats throughout the whole of it.


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Originally posted by Tony

Obligatory go habs go post.

I'm glad Tony stops in for his go habs go post as it is a sign of respect and good luck for CANADA's Hockey Team.

Also predictions are always welcome as it is a good warm up for all the Yackity Yack that will go on during the game tomorrow!

I think this will be another low scoring close one 6 - 5 Habs! :):):):) hehehehe I like these low scoring Heart Attack endings the Habs are coming up with....

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At least we won't have to see John LeClair light us up like he has every year since we traded him. Looking at the numbers, in 34 games against the Habs, Leclair has scored a whopping 30 goals :o

Flyers big, slow D should be a recipe for disaster against our quick forwards.


[Edited on 25/10/05 by Quebecois]

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Come on habbbbs...Always a good battle with the flyers (not always a positive outcome though)...However this time I think the habs will come on top...fan bias meh..


Habs 4 (Ribeiro, Bulis, Koivu, Kovalev)

Flyers 2 (Forsberg first goal?, Knuble)

Kovalev 3 points

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Aaaahhhh, I've been waiting for this since the 1st and 2nd Recchi trade....We are so set up to handle this guys, between the talent, the speed and the new rules, this should be the game when things come full circle and we start dominating these guys again. The fact that many "experts" picked them to take the Cup this year should just make it sweeter.

And I never ever say this, but if we don't win this one (and I know Flyers are not a bad team) I will be dissapointed.

5:2 Habs, I'm going with Dandy again, Kovalev and Koivu (of course), Ribeiro and Markov. So there!

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All I can say is... if the Habs are gonna win, they're gonna have to play to their full potential... especially José. But they can do it!


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Originally posted by Quebecois

At least we won't have to see John LeClair light us up like he has every year since we traded him. Looking at the numbers, in 34 games against the Habs, Leclair has scored a 30 goals :o

Flyers big, slow D should be a recipe for disaster against our quick forwards.


loll, i knew LeClair was playing great againts us, but never thought he scored that many goals :o

well, hopefully he won't have the same luck with the Pens againts us

:ghg: 5-3 win

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Philly isn't generally a quick team, so we should see a lot less Holding and Hooking penalties this game.

Hell, our "big" guys might even help instead of hinder.

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Let's judge this game like on an xbox: number of hits.

97 to 14 for the habs.


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Ah the Flyers. At last, no Recchi, No Leclair,but still Eric D.

Soon the healing will be complete and nothing would stimulate the process more than the Habs thumping Phlly.


I predict that the speedy Habs are going to skate circles around the Flyer's pylons... eh, defensemen AND JT is going to play his best game of the season.


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I too am glad Mr. Leclaire is on another team. This guy got so up playing against the Habs it was just brutal for us. You knew he was going to score which was really bad for us fans. Recchi always played great against Montreal as well.

Key for Habs tonight. NO DUMB PENALTIES!!!!!!

Flyers are for real and can score. If Montreal can limit the amount of time they are shorthanded I believe they will win this game.


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Originally posted by JeanLucPilon

In an interview today

Habs are starting to get some respect.

well, whatever one might say about hitchcock, he's got a better hockey mind than most of the analysts we complain about.

Sure, he might just be protecting his ass if his team doesn't come to play, but that still shows that he realizes we are a tough challenge.

Okay, what are the odds that the local pub with centre ice will let me watch the hockey game on one of their screens even though the world series is on? I say 1 in 3.... but then Im sorta friendly with the manager,


Habs 5, Philly 3 (first 2-goal win of the season)


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An article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Pasting it here, cause it takes a (free) subscription. Easier to read it here:


Thanks to Norm for the link.

Canadiens could be Flyers' toughest test so far



MONTREAL - Forget the Rangers, Devils, Maple Leafs, Penguins and Islanders.

None of those teams - the Flyers' opponents this season - is what the Montreal Canadiens are right now. Not as far as Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock is concerned.

"In my opinion, this is the best team we are going to play so far in the season," Hitchcock said of the 6-2 Canadiens.

"They have it all. They're playing well offensively and defensively, their special teams are playing well, they have four lines that can all score and all create chances and they're playing at a very high level.

"As far as I'm concerned, this is going to be the biggest test so far. We're going to get a good read on where we are as a team."

If that is the case, and there really has to be a motivational message in what Hitchcock was saying to the press and his team yesterday, then this isn't a bad time to take that test.

The Flyers have won three in a row, and on Saturday night avenged an earlier loss to the Maple Leafs. They scored three third-period goals, and played the final 20 minutes the way they are supposed to be played, not the way they played in several previous games.

"This was three games in a row in which we've played at a really high level," Hitchcock said. "The last three games, when the game was on the line we played really well, especially in the third period."

Starting in net tonight will be Robert Esche, who is showing signs that he finally has shaken off the rust of the long lockout and is ready to be the starter the Flyers hope he will to be.

Esche has been in net for the last two games, allowing three goals on 44 shots. In today's wide-open game, those are good numbers. Overall, Esche's goals-against average has fallen from 4.58 to 3.04.

"It's what I expected he would be doing," Hitchcock said. "His concentration is up and he's starting to get used to the league and understanding how to play with the new rules.

"He's getting up to speed, and it's nice to see."

The Canadiens, coached by Claude Julien, are built for the NHL's new rules - a team of fast, skilled players. Alexei Kovalev leads the team in points, with 10, and Saku Koivu and Michael Ryder each have scored four goals. Goaltender Jose Theodore (3.01 goals against) has played seven of the eight games.

"They have good skaters," Peter Forsberg said. "You look at the rule changes, they should favor a good skating team. We have to be ready when they come out. We know they're going to fly. Especially at home, they're going to come out hard. It's definitely going to be a hard game for us."

Keith Primeau agrees, but doesn't think it's all about the changes.

"It's not just the rules, it's their mind-set," he said. "They're checking well, they're checking hard. They're really competitive in all the right areas. It's going to be a big test for us. It should be a fun game."

Painted mask

Antero Niittymaki unveiled his newly painted goalie mask, which has a depiction of Prohibition-era gangster Frank Nitti, a reference to Niittymaki's nickname.

Said Ken Hitchcock, who took credit for giving his Finnish rookie goalie the nickname: "I guess I was the first to call him that. I never thought in my wildest dreams he would go put it on his bloody mask."

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