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ESPN NHL Hockey game (for PS2)

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I don't have a PS2, but I'm curious to see how ESPn does with this game:


Their football one includes a setting where you are the player, looking from the helmet, etc.

I don't think that's what it is in NHL, but if you can find any more information, post it...

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Good to see the thread revived.

NHL 2004 is very different to NHL 2003 (which, IMO, sucked. Badly).

A new system focuses way more on plays, and less on dekes.

Also, a General Manager System that rivals Madden.

Create an expansion team, join the league, hire scouts, organize training, salary cap, etc.

A whole lot more interactive. I always preferred making trades too. Now it's better than ever.

I'm definitely spending the money to get it and try it out.

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A deke is a move you do to get around a player.

i.e. stickhandling past a defenseman, or sliding the puck between your legs before shooting a goal. It's a trick with the puck that helps you remain in control of the puck, and also helps you get around another player

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