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Hossa back to old self

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Originally posted by Mark Napier

By the way, I don't find the comment under my nick in the least bit funny.  I take that as an insult.  I have no problem leaving this place and never logging in again if this is meant as some sort of insult. If the powers that be don't want me around anymore just say so but don'tstoop to such childish behaviour.

lol Mark, take it easy man! How did you want us to recognize all your right predictions? We don't have a "Good prediction board" where we honour people who made good ones. The least I could do was to give you a special status. After all, you were the only one to make those predictions, were you? If you don't want to be recognized, that's fine. I'll take off the status. If you think it was an insult, you completly miss the purpuse of this board, which is to have fun. HW Forums first rule is "1. Have fun. Dont take yourself too seriously". If we didn't want you here, you would already know.

I'm moving the whole thread to The Lounge.

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