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Kovalev back this week!

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Don't rush things Kovy ... wait till Koivu comes back from his (forgot to wash his hands before eating) infection passes!

Just a thought!

as an opponent.. If I had to play the habs... with a healthy line up it just would take one goon, "knee busting" mediocre expendable player... to remove Kovi and Koivu and the series is theirs! Unnaceptable

if the team doesnt wake up ... and even if Bob is thinking about the cup next year or in two years from now.. there will be some movement before trade deadline!...

I just hope the waiver saints are gonna drop some goodies before its too late!

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hope that koivu comes back thursday as well

we'll need all the support and leadership available for the oilers and minnesota matches. those two teams work hard..we don't

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This is excellent news.

The Habs will now almost be playing with a 100% healthy roster (knock on wood)

I hope Zhog gets a shot with the first line again and Zednik gets bumped.

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Finally some good news for the Habs... RDS is reporting that Kovalev has been skating with the team and that his knee appears to be ready for some game action at some point this week.

Let's just hope this helps the team snap out of its current slump.


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