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Game Thread | Montreal Vs. Devils | 01/05/06

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I know that this is not the thread for this but I'm watching the canada/russia game and we got at least two good ones there.

chipchura is pretty well a lock for us. what a lot of heart! he just scored his 4th goal - a late player goal but that means that the effort is there. :):)

emelin for russia is holding his own despite the fact that russia is losing 5 - 0. he's rough, he doesn't give up, he keeps going despite it all and he's MEAN!!! i'd be surprised if he doesn't get to be on the 'best' team. :)

latendresse was put on the ice for the last couple of minutes of the game - that's a sad commentary in a way. a crumb of bread from sutter. i got a sense that sutter picks some favourites and sticks with them no matter what. :wacko:

that aside, canada just finished winning :king:

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this boy is showing why he was picked. yesssssssssssssssssssss

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Ok time is running out please salvage at least a point.

Oh and another thing why are there no penaltys this game I cant watch is because RDS wont put the game on but are there just no calls or are the teams playing disciplined.

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emelin (canadiens) was named one of the three top russians of the wjc tournament along with malkin (penguins) and the goalie (?).

pogge (toronto), downie(philadelphia) & staal (rangers) are canada's 3 top players

best goalie of the tournament - rask (toronto)

best defenseman - staal (rangers)

best forward - malkin (pittsburg)

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RDS has commercials on now but wont show the game I am starting to get annoyed.

Anyone else feel my pain??

Damn it so close.

If theo could have just made 1 or 2 more saves

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Well, the chops were fun anyway. Next game an all-limerick thread perhaps?

Limericks? No way!

They are no match for haikus.

It shall not be done.

This is fun.


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