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Game Thread | Canadiens Vs. Calgary | 01/19/06

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Apparently the attempt to injure was for fighting with a brace on his wrist. So basically, he can't fight at all since he has to wear the brace.

I know that you can't fight if your hand is taped, but I can't recall a player getting the call for having his wrist in a brace. How far up his hand does the brace go anyway? I don't even remember seeing a brace on him. I just thought that McCarty cut his face when his helmet came up over his forehead.

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Dunno if Souray head butted mccarty or elbowed him but hes gone, serves him right for taking it to far 1 way or another.

If you look really closely, you can see Souray whip out a steak knife and jab it into McCarty's forehead, then throw it over the glass before anyone could see it.

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thats really low class.

Low class? Phaneuf is a good player but he is one of those idiots who headhunts the other team's star players. And you wanna talk low class...

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Good job Trizzak, I love how as soon as you said that Kovy scored!!

We had a good laugh at that too.

However, we finished awhile ago, some time in the second period.

It's up to the Habs now.

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