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Hi from England

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A big hello from Nottingham, England. Found this site whilst browsing. Brilliant!!

Coming over to Montreal to catch the Habs Vs Leafs and Redwings!

Very excited!

Any Tips, from habs fans, on my vist? :ghg:

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Welcome to the board , have fun...

Tips? Enjoy yourself...

The rivalries with those teams arent like they used to be , but your still seeing a couple of great games , the only rivalry we have with the leafs is between the fans...

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There seems to be a lot of us newbies here

This place started pretty small(the guys at ESPN) but lately I've also seen that alot of new members are joining. With the current growth I wouldnt be surprised this place becomes a quality board, especially with the people running it.

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The games are usually pretty reserved with all the business types that attend the games...but if you are a hockey fan you can definitely feel the electricity during the Leafs and Habs games. I usually attend at least one Leaf-habs game a year in Toronto and it's a blast. Dirty Leaf bastards...worst fans in the world and the worst organization in hockey.

My tips to you are to spend a lot of time at the bars in Montreal. Great nightlife, beautiful women. Some of the sexiest women in North America. I think Montreal is one of the most fun cities in North America to party in. Strip clubs are great, some good pubs, some great dance bars, great food, cafe's, etc.

Don't forget to tip anyone serving you. Doesn't have to be a huge tip but they get pissy if you don't...even if the service was crap. All of Quebec is like that.

If you ski or snowboard you should head up to Mt. Tremblant for a day...the resort has come a long way in the past 5 years and probably has the best slopes Eastern Canada. It's about 1.5 hours or so from Montreal, so it's pretty close. I'm a snowboarder and I try to get up there once per year myself...

And it gets pretty cold in mid-winter. Have fun.

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