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Man oh man, This place hurts my brain, going to take alot of poking and getting used to...

I come from the other forum, well i guess i don't need to say the other forum here, but the forum that was compared to the Gestapo by a poster of ours who bailed to here... least i think it was here, people need to not change thier screen names all the time, but HRK looks alot like another HR i've seen around...


I love habs, duh, look forward to some lively conversations with y'all, I often play devils advocate if i get bored.

Some things to know

Steve Begin kicks more ass than Viggo Mortenson in LOTR and History of Violence combined

Streit is considered a swear word to me

Kovalev is not actually in our dimension, he jsut phases in from time to time

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Welcome Esteem, hope you find this forum a great place to get breaking news and great conversations. I've found this group to be very passionate if not extremely dedicated to keeping things as clean, honest and fun. What makes this forum great are the individuals who keep it alive and respectable. I give this site an A+ only wish I had joined sooner.

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