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Good pickups for the SPOS

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Originally posted by Westcoasthabsfan

Carl Everett, Nick Johnson and Juan Rivera should be an interesting season at the Big OOOOOOOOOO..... Omar isnt done dealing yet


The potential is there, but the 2 yankee players are question marks... never been regulars before and injury prone in Johnson's case.

Given our history with the Yanks of them trading us damaged goods I'm a little concerned.

But yes, it all plays out well,,, this team could still surprise next year even without Vlad.

I think we need one more bat though, if he can land Batista at 3rd then we'll have ourselves a decent batting lineup.

Pitching staff is on the young side with Ohka, Vargas & Day... then who knows how effective Armas will be after a year off... and then there's Livan. Get me a second solid vet and I'll feel we have a more stable rotation.

A lefty perhaps?

Hopefully the new sched with all San Juan games before the All-Star game will also help.

Another year with some good potential, but also some good potential to end up in disappointment. Yep, those are the Expos I know. ;)

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Let's not forget Vlad missed a significant chunk of the season last year (48 games) and was playing injured for many more.

So for a third or even half of the year, these new bats (Johnson, Everett, Batista) won't be replacing Vlad... but be a full out addition to last year's club.

In other words replacing Cordero, Chavez/Macias, Tatis/Zeile/whoever we played a 3rd.... a major upgrade in each case.

Now that we have addressed the offense, successfully replacing Vlad by commity IMO, I hope we have room left for a veteran pitcher.

Can Livan really keep up his amazing pitching another year, will Armas be effective after a year off, will Day/Vargas be able to keep pitching well all year or will they flater in the 2nd half as many young arms do.

Then there's Ohka, sometimes great, sometimes awful.

Adding just a decent, not great, vet would help ease my mind... but can we still afford one?

Then there's the closer, we saw Biddle couldn't handle pressure situations... so can Minaya find a diamond in the rough that has what it takes?

I know I'm asking for a lot, but what the hell it's our last year... and so far Minaya has given me reason to be hopeful.

Although as is the case every year, an injury here and there... and we don't have the cash to reach out for replacements and we're dead. We need a year of good health more than anything.

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Yeah a closer and another SP would be great, i'm not sure what the budget is like though, I think the most likely option is that Minaya will try to find a diamond in the rough, as you said.

If the closer situation becomes a problem, i think we can count on Omar for a deal come June.

Spos last year? They've been saying that for ages. I think every year it COULD be the Spos last year, let's hope we haven't used up all our 9 lives and that the Spos will be back for 2005 and beyond.

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Minaya's pulled off another deal today, moving arbitration-eligible LHP Scott Stewart to Cleveland for a pair of minor-leaguers in OF Ryan Church and IF Maicer Izturis.

This ensures that Eischen and Choate are the 2 LHP's coming out of the bullpen this season.

Church I hear is a pretty decent prospect who's been struck with injuries recently. He'll likely replace Sledge who likely will spend the season with us barring another OF signed, can't see that happening.

Thoughts: Salary dump, nothing really more, get 2 guys to re-stock a somewhat depleted Trappers (AAA) team, could be worse.

Now, we need to get another catcher, decent SP, and a "real" closer wouldn't hurt, unless one of Biddle/Ayala/Cordero steps up, and the last 2 just aren't ready to do that just yet.

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