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Its so damn cold!!!

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People in Montreal , and in eastern canada know what I'm talking about...

Its been around -30 since yesterday , and will continue into tomorrow... With wind it feels like -45 ... If you stay outside for over a minute your skin will freeze.

Its horrible out there! A pipe burst in downtown Montreal , the water turned straight into ice , and frooze an entire car around it. lol

Anyone else sick of the cold?

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Even Toronto is in the minus 20s regularly these days and to think up until new years day we had several days in the +5 to +10 range then it all fell to the -20s

Changes in the weather are so drastic :?-

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Hehe! I'm in Quebec City now and the temperature is around -40 !! Can't be outside for more than 1 minute !!

But what's cool it's that means I have a -40% saving on a delicious poutine at Ashton's !! miam miammm:D

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Here, have some 60 degree weather from Denver. It's been t-shirt weather out here for the past week.


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Originally posted by ch_nl

60 in Denver and -40 in Quebec City?

Are you talking about degrees on the same scale?

No , different scales...

Canada = Celcius

America = Fahrenheit

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