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NFL playoffs

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It's a bit late, but how about the games last weekend? All four were decided by 7 points or less, with two going into overtime. The Rams-Panthers game was probably my favourite, double OT game with so many different opportunities for each team to win the game. Incredible weekend of Football.

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I was expecting that game to be the dullest one, but it turned out great.

All the games were fun, decided in the last minutes or even OT. That's all I can ask for.

Nothing worse than a Colts-Denver type thrashing... game is over before you've had time to make the popcorn.

The best 2 weeks of the season are over now though... two games Sat & Sun is the tops. It's all downhill from there.

Colts vs. Pats is a great matchup... but I couldn't be any less interested in the other game. Both #1 RB's are out, both pretty ordinary offenses... 3 yard run, 3 yard run, 4 yard pass, etc... boring as hell.

And the SuperBowl will already surely be a stinker, as the AFC teams are clearly superior. So the real SuperBowl is Colts vs Pats... and the bonus is the crowd will be into it, so in a way it's all for the best.

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Well not a horrible set of games this weekend but there certainly wasn't the excitement that the divisional round had.

Carolina and New England in the Super Bowl. I'm going with the Panthers. Should be a defensive struggle and i think that the Panthers will be the hungrier team in the end and they will come out on top.

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Habs77 was right , the exciting time of the year is the wildcard and division playoffs... Todays games were horrible , and the superbowl will probably also be that way...

Carolina vs New England.... yawn!

Whats the final score going to be? 10-7?

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Today sucked as I expected.... actually I quit watching the Colts game twice thinking it was over, then flip back and they're within a TD with 2min left... uh?

Well it didn't matter, they didn't even come close to the end zone.

I'm just thankful that it's not a Pats/Eagles Final... the 2 teams I hate the most.

At least I have someone to cheer for, and the funniest thing is that they match up well against New England.

Panthers have the better receivers, the better RBs, defenses are a wash... and so are the QBs.

Brady is just so overrated it's not even funny... if the Cotls secondary had just decents hads, they have 3-4 picks today... but they kept dropping them while Law showing them how it's done on the other end.

Ty Law was amazing.

Then Brady finds a way to fumble the ball with the game already won... lucky for him his knee touched the ground a split second before he lost the ball.

And even with the Colts playing as bad as they did, they were in it until the last few minutes.

Carolina has a real shot... never thought I'd say that but they do.

The key is that the Pats secondary roughed up the slick but small & slow WR Harrison, Stokely etc... while they won't be able to handle Muhammed's strength and Smith's blinding speed.

Plus NE won't have home-advantage so that helps.

As long as Delhomme doesn't screw it up with stupid turnovers... I think they'll win. And more importantly I want them to win, and NEED the Pats to lose.

God help me, I'm looking forward to the SuperBowl.

I might be coming down with something, I know. ;)

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Thank god that for the 2nd year in a row, I'll be in Mexico for Super Bowl weekend. Carolina vs New England? If it wasn't the SB, who the hell would watch those 2 teams play against each other?

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I was right to be looking forward to this matchup... great game.

Really disappointed in the Panthers Defence, the Panthers offense did the great job I thought they would... although I thought they'd be just a tad more successful with the running game.

But big Ted Washington just stops the run period... and they're quick and so damn good at stopping the screen pass as well.

Still, 29 points should be more than enough to beat the Pats with the great defence the Panthers have... but they didn't come through.

At the end they couldn't even slow them down.

That, and kicking the ball out of bounds to start them on the 40 and not take any time off the clock... were what blew it.

Delhomme outplayed Brady by a mile... and did it while facing a better defense.

And yet all we're hear about is how great Brady is, dido Vinateri.

Nobody will remember how Brady through that pick in the end-zone with a god awful pass attempt... how he missed a wide open man in the end zone earlier.

Or how Vinateri missed his two other FGs in the game.

They're just lucky they play such a solid, well coached team.

P.S. And now everybody is going nuts over that Janet Jackson nipple incident... I mean who the hell cares.

Although I love the Timberlake official statement saying is was unintentional, and due to "a costume malfunction"... LOL

Whether it's Britney locking lips with Madonna or getting hitched in Vegas for all of 30 minutes, Paris Hilton putting her own sex tape on the web a week before her show gets on the air, Joe Horn grabbing a cell after a TD, now the Jackson nipple.... it's all just publicity stunts.

If the media ignored these pathetic stunts nobody would care... but hell even CNN is running the Jackson nipple on a loop, what a joke.

Maybe Souray will release a sex tape of him and his lovely wife right before the playoffs to get the ratings up in the States... at this point nothing would surprise me ;)

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