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Game Thread | Montreal Vs. Philadelphia | 10/11/06

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Did you hear Domi on Souray.. hardest shot in the league.. hit mccabe so hard with a shot it shattered is shin guards last year.

They also said coaches won't put some players out to kill a penalty against him so they don't get hurt blocking shots...

He may have some defensive issues, but when he is hitting the net, he does add a ton to the PP.

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was so surprise with that early goal! only 38sec hahahaha

1-0 HABS

note : ninnima said *merci* at the end of a lil interview b4 the game hehe

merci = thank you in french ;)

penalty to higgins

ok, i'm outta of the board.. going to focus on the game :P


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It was so quiet in there after Ryders goal that I though Nittimaki had it since Im not used to not hearing Cheers.


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Woot, Samsonov got a shot! :P

Better individual effort by the 2nd line tonight, but they still don't look like they are clicking. Hopefully they will keep up the effort from that last shift.

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