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Game Thread | Montreal | Tampa Bay | 11/15/06

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Maby all you Souray Haters can have a change of heart and realize Gainey should resign this guy before we lose him. He is developing into quite a offensive defensemen in my eyes. He can have a flub here or there ....everyone does...........and he fights!!!!!!!!!!

He will be seeking more then that CHEEEEEEEEEEEESSY Mcabe!!!!!!!

I really hope we keep him... I'm not optimistic, but I'd like to keep him...

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I really think Samsonov deserves more icetime. Everytime he has the puck, its hard crisp passes to another teammates stick....opposition has an extremely hard time taking the puck off his stick, and in the attacking zone he is always setting up really neat plays with great passes.

He's always looking awesome out there!! Give him more of a chance!

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I really don't want to jinx anything... but note that Montreal actually has LESS penalties than TB right now...

HAHAHAHAHA.. those are results!

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