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  2. Crap. The best we can hope is that Drouin's wrist can be taken care of with arthroscopic surgery. 😢 This definitely makes the current season more difficult. https://twitter.com/CanadiensMTL/status/1196465982379835392?s=20
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  4. Juolevi is out with a "lower-body injury", not related to his earlier injuries. No word how long-term it is. He's been injured a number of times, whether it's because he's injury-prone or he's just had bad luck. And, no, I'm not advocating trading for him. But I do support trading some youth for a top LD, provided that it's a player that we really want (and fits into our lineup and system), and that the cost is acceptable.
  5. Just as an FYI, Juolevi has serious long-term injuries and has played something like 70 games over the past three seasons. He's done. The Habs have a strong organization right now. As for "elite talent," where's it going to come from? As a bubble team, we're going to be drafting in the middle of the pack of better. The Canadiens have a consistent pattern of drafting good-not-great players, and there seems to be no particular reason to expect that to change (unless we get lucky, of course, but that can happen to any team at any time, as can a stroke of terrible luck). This is why I'm much less convinced than the majority of Habs fans seem to be that we should be hoarding assets and not risking *any* picks or youth to fix the LD problem. I doubt that in three years the Habs will be dramatically better than the team now. Sure, Suzuki and KoKo will be more mature, but Weber, Petry, and Price will be three years older. So will Gallagher, incidentally, who is 27. There are no super-elite, franchise-type players in the system, and we aren't likely to add any such players in the foreseeable future. This is not an argument to go "all in" on this group and fire-bomb the system in order to WIN NOW. What I'm saying is that we should be willing to put a quality young player/prospect in play if we can get back an impact LD who is either young or in his mid-20s. Fix the gaping hole. Then see where your team really is.
  6. As far as top LD goes: NYR's Skjei and DAL's Lindell would be perfect; on the younger side: Det's Cholowski and VAN's Juolevi would alos be great. I do not think the CH has the assets to get those players. I would not trade draft picks until the CH has a strong organization with elite talent.
  7. Mete instead of Kulak is overpayment. Kulak for Brodin is underpayment. Tatar at his highest makes it happen. But that was before the injuries
  8. If they view Dubnik like we view Price, they may go for help in forwards in the 25 to 30 range to build around their top-3 defensemen. Now, with Drouin out, we do not have scoring wings to spare.
  9. Hold that though until Drouin gets back from IR. One positive from missing two wingers is that Suzuki and Kotkaniemi will get to play a lot at center and to show their talent
  10. Drouin(wrist) and Byron(knee) out indefinitely for surgery. Very unfortunate since Drouin has looked real good as of late.
  11. On LW, the CH will go with Drouin and probably Domi once Suzuki and Kotka establish themselves at center that makes Tatar available for an upgrade at LD Chiarot and the new LD would make Kulak expendable
  12. Tatar's stock has gone up substantially since arriving in MTL. Think of what Vegas gave up to get him and not what Montreal gave up. He's been back to his Detroit form last year and 20 games in this year (if not better) I don't believe we are a better team with Brodin in and Tatar, Kulak (Mete) and a 2nd out. Geese, why would anyone be so quick to give up Mete. He's 20 and has been playing in our top 4 for multiple seasons now. His confidence is rising almost daily! I want to continue with this Meate experiment and only want to bring in a true top left D... Brodin is not the guy id want at least. I'd personally want to make a play for Werenski or Slavin even though Torts hates MTL with a passion and CAR is in no hurry to deal with us since Aho. And im Not saying they are available. Just that those are the types of players Id want playing with Mete Petry and Weber and pushing for a major splash. Otherwise Id be thinking of just swapping a right handed d prospect for a left d prospect just for balance... throw in picks as well for a blue chip. Werenski(Slavin) - Weber Mete L- Petry R Chiarot L- Fleury R Kulak L - Juulsen R Reilly - Follin Romanov - Brook Norlinder Harris So who do we give up? Start with our 1st and one of our 2nd's. Add 2 prospects and a roster a player. Is that too much? probably... but the player coming back is worth it, not Brodin! I believe MB will pick up a rental this season only if we don't have any unforeseen slumps prior to the deadline. And will rely on Romanov joining the mix next season.
  13. Quite possibly. Might just be what he needed to snap out of his funk.
  14. Middle of the night thought: Domi's first 3 penalties of the season (2 of them selfish) all happen in the first game he's told to move to the wing so a rookie can play centre. Possible he took the assignment with a bit of spite?
  15. Fairweather 1g 12pts 16gms Fonstad 3g 19pts 16gms Pinard 9g 26pts 22gms Houde 12g 31pts 22gms Caufield 9g 15pts 12gms Struble gets 1a
  16. I'd probably look to the Muzzin trade from last season as a blueprint for a Brodin trade, although Muzzin puts up more points. That deal was a 1st (22nd OA), Sean Durzi (former 52nd OA), and Carl Grundstrom (former 52nd OA). So take that and subtract til you feel okay trading it for Brodin.
  17. If anyone becomes sellers they're going to want 1st and 2nd round picks , young NHL ready players or players who will become Ufa's at the end of the year. And Hudon and Kulak won't get you a top 4 D. Kulak you can probably get a 4th or lower draft pick and Hudon the same.
  18. Complete overpayment. MINN wouldn't think twice about that move. You'd even add Mete instead of Kulak? This is crazy talk...
  19. I also hate Ole. The Habs are not a soccer team 🤢
  20. Ouch. I would think that if the Wild continue to struggle they might want pics more than players. I think your proposal minus Tatar plus another pick might do it. I don’t think trading Tatar this season would be in the team’s best interest
  21. Yeah. Second round is pretty high for a goalie. But it just supports the theory that you never know at 18 which goalies will work out and make it to the NHL.
  22. Wasn't there a time when Fucale was a pretty highly-regarded prospect? Yeesh.
  23. McNiven is still a Habs prospect. There just isnt room for him in Laval.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hudon recalled. Apparently Julien got word that sitting Hudon for the entire 3rd period didn't completely break his spirit, and wants another shot at leaving a husk of a hockey player after Tuesday's game.
  26. Agree. I hate the Ole ole song and loved the Na Na Na song. Was watching the bloodbath game against the Nords from the 80’s that was included in the 10 greatest games box set a few months back and was thinking the same thing. Don’t know why we had to go with the stupid ole ole song.
  27. It's the 20th game mark, and I cannot help taking one last crack at a trade (now based on this https://thehockeywriters.com/canadiens-available-assets-roster-upgrade/) To Montreal: Jonas Brodin To Minnesota: Tatar, Kulak, Hudon and Chicago's 2nd Our highest point producer, one NHL calibre LD, a borderline NHLer with scoring potential and a decent draft pick. For Brodin, I would go as high as Mete instead of Kulak, but no more than that.
  28. Very helpful. Thanks. Sounds as though we should all stop talking about "kicking" and just focus on intentional deflections by anything other than a player's stick.
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