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  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I believe the Habs are Kessel's yes list (or at least they were at one point) but I can't see Bergevin going too hard after him. Kessel is a highly-talented player but he's a big time floater. Considering they moved out some players like that last season (that was a frequent issue with Galchenyuk and here and there with Pacioretty), it's hard to imagine them wanting to bring in someone like that again. Montreal seems to be going the energetic and fast route - that's not Kessel.
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  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Rumored discussions between the Wild and the Penguins for a trade possibly involving Kessel and Johnson for Rask and Zucker. https://www.tsn.ca/report-minnesota-wild-discussing-trade-for-phil-kessel-with-pittsburgh-penguins-1.1310522 You have to believe picking up RW Kessel and LD Johnson is likely something Bergevin is at least kicking the tires on. He definitely wouldn't overpay for such a package but should be inquiring. Johnson is crap but fills a position and taking him on is the cost to acquire a ppg player. I'm still upset we didn't end up with the Lindholm and Hanifin package from Carolina last year somehow.
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  6. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Late in March, Eugene Melnyk criticized Toronto's team building strategy, stating that "somebody forgot about defence". Today, Ottawa hired the guy that was in charge of Toronto's defence as their new head coach.
  7. Lavoie also has question marks (consistency, mediocre draft year offense) and why he is ranked close but lower than Kaliyev by most folks it seems. 51g in 67games...is mighty rare production for a 17 year old (31g as a OHL rookie also outstanding) Commandant has him at #15 (and Lavoie at #16) https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/04/14/arthur-kaliyev-scouting-report/ here is nhl,com bit on Heinola https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/looking-ahead-to-the-2019-draft-ville-heinola/c-307490882
  8. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    His scouting report is riddled with below average compete level, seems like the type of player they would steer clear of at this point. Raphael Lavoie or Ville Heinola, in my opinion, would be potentially available at #15, and either one would be a fantastic addition to the current prospect pool.
  9. Arthur Kaliyev 6'2 190lb RWer 51g 51a in 67games this year in OHL. Would be darn tempting option given his offense.
  10. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Fonstad went 13 straight playoff games with zero pts.
  11. 2019 Memorial Cup

    So one of Teasdale or Suzuki is going to the final. Any word on if Fonstad was injured for the playoffs?
  12. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Sorry, I mixed up Royun and Prince Albert. But even so, I got the tie-breaker wrong ...
  13. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    I dislike the black and gold as much as anyone, but I don't like any of the Blues players enough to get emotionally invested in the Final.
  14. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Prince albert is eliminated. Guelph vs rouyn is the semi final. Halifax to the final. If rouyn scored one more goal tonight it would be guelph in the final. If they scored three more it wouldve been R-N
  15. Nick Suzuki

  16. Nick Suzuki

    Nature of Wins, I hope!
  17. 2019 Memorial Cup

    What a finish ... Huskies take the win 4-3 with less than a minute to go. Both teams were guaranteed a spot in the semifinal at least, but this was all about the playoff seedings. If I deciphered the CHL tie-breaking rules correctly, Guelph will get the bye into the final based on the GF:GA ratio, and Prince Albert and Halifax will play again in the semi-final for the other spot in the final.
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  19. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Teasdale with 1g so far in this one. 2-0 after the 1st.
  20. Nick Suzuki

    I can't wait until The Nature of Things is racking up points for the Habs!
  21. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Never ending season still going, some glad they are taking a week off...
  22. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    How can you not "care much" whether those reprobates, those jabbernowls, those scum-sucking, filth-chewing, stench-emitting, bile-spewing, face-licking bags of festering dog pus, the mother-frigging Boston Bruins, win yet another Cup? I propose that you have your lifetime membership in Habs nation revoked!! GO BLUES GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Nick Suzuki

    Another slick goal, banking it in off the goaltender with a backhand last night.
  24. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    WIth Joe Thornton out of the picture, I'm left not caring about the outcome much. My ideal scenario is that the Blues win in 7, with Boston's top line racking up points for me in my hockey pool on the road to a heartbreaking defeat.
  25. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    I wonder how Larry Robinson is doing these days.
  26. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    Lol that shows how meaningless this little stat is. I'm dubious of a powerplay coach's influence in these short tournaments with haphazard rosters, you'd be more inclined to see those sorts of results over the course of a season with an established group.
  27. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Reading more about this, I'm thinking maybe Sekera is a good risk. At least his contract is only two years, so by the time our youngsters start expecting big money, he'll be a UFA.
  28. 2019 Memorial Cup

    Guelph defeats Prince Albert 5-2 to secure a spot in the semifinals (vs Royun-Noranda) -- Suzuki scores two goals and an assist.
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